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12 Brilliant Rhinestones Perfect for Nails

Everyone has seen nail art designs with rhinestones, and the fact that they are many demonstrates how popular this nail art trend is. The truth is that the perfection of rhinestones is not so difficult to create, all you need is a little imagination, a set of tools and ideas in mind. With the latter, we can certainly provide you with a list of examples to inspire you with everything from natural nail ideas to acrylic nail designs with rhinestones! Help yourself!

Nail designs with rhinestones and glitter.

Rhinestones and glitter nail designs look charming and elegant, especially given modern colors. Nail designs in burgundy tones are what to look for at the same time sophisticated and avant-garde. Convince yourself.

Fuente: riyathai87 en Instagram

Fuente: riyathai87 en Instagram

Fuente: Riyathai87 en Instagram

Nails with strass accent.

Not everyone likes the rule, the more the better when it comes to their manicure, but sometimes there is an inexplicable need to add some more damage to their nails. When a finger rhinestone accent is useful. No matter how the shadow looks, that peanut will always be something special.

Source: xnailsbyrmiri on Instagram

Fuente: fiina_naillounge en Instagram

Fuente: fiina_naillounge en Instagram

Matte nail designs with rhinestones

Matte nails are the new trend, and the best way to keep up with fashion is to combine your dull nail design with rhinestones. Choose your favorite shades, either in pastel or bold colors, cover them with a matte lace and decorate your nails with rhinestones designs to achieve an elegant and charming style.

Source: _tinti_ via Instagram

Source: sonakaryan through Instagram

Fuente: fiina_naillounge en Instagram

Rhinestone Nail Perfection con art floral.

Nail art design With stones, they look incredibly feminine, if you combine them with pastel or neutral tones. But there is a way to take your manicure to a new level of sweetness, that is, add some cute floral patterns. Look at the ideas we have gathered to fascinate and inspire you!

Fuente: fiina_nailloungeviaviavia Instagram

Source: xnailsbyrem through Instagram

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