3 Fantastic Daily Activities That Can Keep You Fit & Healthy

If you want to feel young and hopefully look younger as well then it is important that you engage in physical activity at least five times a week for the bare minimum of 30 minutes. It could be something as simple as going for a brisk walk for 30 minutes to an hour and doing this for the vast majority of your week either before work or after work can have really positive effects on your health. The important thing is that you start off slowly and don’t push yourself too hard at the very beginning.

If you hit this new exercise routine too quickly then it’s highly likely that you might have to make an appointment with regards to physiotherapy in Camberwell. Here you will get the essential attention that you need to get yourself back on your feet quickly so that you can get back to your new exercise routine. It is also important to remember that you just don’t go to a physiotherapist when you are injured because it makes a lot more sense to visit them before and so they can help to give you essential advice on how to be injury free.

If the usual exercise routines like running and going to the local gymnasium do not appeal to you then the following are just some of the daily activities that you can do to keep yourself fit and healthy.

  • Get out into the garden – As well as providing you with essential vitamin D from lots of sunshine that will improve your immune system, getting out into the garden and into the fresh air is incredibly good for both your physical and mental health. It only takes about 30 minutes a day to start providing you with benefits and you might even consider growing some vegetables out there as well.
  • Dance the night away – This isn’t an activity that is restricted to the night time hours and you could be dancing all day long if you wish. It’s always a good idea to stick on your favourite song as you are taking care of your household duties like vacuuming the carpets or are washing the dishes. Chores like this are made a lot easier when you’re listening to your favourite song and you are dancing to the beat.
  • Start using the stairs – It’s likely that every time you go to work every single day, you opt to take the lift to go up those two or three floors when it would be a much healthier choice to take the stairs. We should all be trying to do at least 15,000 steps every single day in order to stay healthy and so shunning the elevator and choosing the stairs is the best choice every single time.

If you take the car to work then it is always a good idea to park your car even further away than it is now. This means that you will have to walk further to get to the office and further again when you need to return to your car. These steps all add up and they help you to burn extra calories every single day and over the course of a week, this can be quite significant.


Clare Louise