3 Major Reasons Why Professionals Choose Ceramic Tiles for Flooring

Ceramic tiles are some of the most preferred ones, when it comes to designing or renovations. Given their sturdiness and designs, architects as well as other professionals prefer these tiles especially for the flooring and walls of a space. These tiles have become a favourite pick for almost every house and a lot of offices too. Its attributes such as the functionality, variety and feasibility set ceramic tiles apart from the rest. 

Since these tiles come in a lot of shapes, designs and colors, you’ll see the use of ceramic tiles in almost every building. Besides, there are certain specific reasons why professionals, such as architects and interior designers, prefer ceramic tiles. Let us take a look at some of these reasons.

  • Environment-friendly

Ceramic tiles are known for their environment-friendly properties. These tiles are manufactured from raw materials such as clay, sand and glass, which are combined with other materials, mostly recycled, to form a ceramic tile! Since most of the blended material used is recycled, it helps reduce the energy use while keeping the house cooler in summers. Further, ceramic tiles are also known to have certain insulation properties, which makes them ideal for residential spaces. In this way, they make an ideal sustainable option.

  • Reducing Household Allergens 

If you are allergic to dust, and wondering what’s causing it, it could possibly be the carpets in your house! Carpets hold dust and termites, which becomes rather a difficult task to deal with. Ceramic floor tiles, unlike carpets, do not catch hold of dust and termites. Houses with ceramic tiles, therefore, enjoy much healthier air as these tiles reduce the amount of household allergens.

  • Increased Home Value

In the end, what matters is the worth of your house. While the renovation process is known to have a significant impact on the value of a house, ceramic tiles play a vital role in this! Ceramic wood-tiled homes are known to have a higher general home value when assessed. So, if you’re unsure about the kind of tiles you should be using for the flooring, you may want to consider options from club ceramic tiles that are appealing, beneficial as well as affordable. 


While going about the renovation process, one needs to consider several aspects. And, tiling is one such significant aspect, which can either increase or decrease the value of your house. 

Gunnar Mueller