5 Learnings About Life From Mary Kom’s Biography

Because of Mary Kom’s unconquerable attitude, she will always come out on top. After MC Mary Kom’s victory at the London Olympics a year ago. Although her outward demeanor has fundamentally shifted, she is, at her core, the same courageous and defiant woman that she has always been. Here are a few life lessons that we can learn from Mary Kom’s biography.


Commitment is the fundamental step toward achieving any objective in one’s life. In the movie, the trainer emphasizes the importance of having a strong dedication to succeed. As soon as you have established what you wish to do with your life and have realized the significance of what you are doing, commit to that objective and do not waver from it.

Love is important, but support is important as well

Her journey to find her husband, only, has been the subject of one of the chapters of her book. They certainly felt love for one another. However, it is solely because he encouraged and supported her professional endeavors that their relationship is one that the rest of us should strive to achieve. It was obvious that love and encouragement play equally vital roles while looking for a relationship and is an essential part of Mary Kom biography. 

Never give up

Mary Kom biography details the struggles she overcame throughout her life to reach such great success. The route that the 33-year-old took to achieve success could educate you a thing or two about chasing your aspirations and about how important it is never to give up. There is a lot to learn from the Mary Kom struggle story.

Your background doesn’t decide your future

Because Mary Kom was born into a poor household, she had to assist her family by working in the fields, cutting wood, making charcoal, and fishing. Additionally, she was responsible for her two younger sisters and her younger brother. This demonstrates how Mary could triumph over all the challenges and setbacks and establish herself as a formidable opponent in the world of boxing.

Your very own standards for success: In everyday life, we compare ourselves to others and compete with them. This mindset needs to be shifted immediately. Shouldn’t that be “I”? Now is the time to decide our position and where we want to go. She didn’t compete against her fellow players & did not even consider competing against them. As per Mary Kom biography she kept her attention fixed on the gold medal, and she ended up winning. She was solely focused on the Olympics, and she triumphed there. Fight against your previous self. No, not with other people.

Put in some effort

The path to achievement is not ever simple. There will undoubtedly be times when you experience feelings of disorientation and despair more than once. However, the only way to become a winner is to test your limits and take on the difficulties you face. Mary Kom is a wonderful illustration of someone who pushed themselves to achieve what they desired and succeeded.


Mary Kom has triumphed through obstacles such as gender discrimination, poverty, the constraints of her tiny size, and the small region’s difficulties in winning the boxing medal at the Olympics. She is an inspiration not just for the people who live in the northeastern region but also for women who go through struggles regularly. We all can learn from her how to focus on our strengths and not on our weaknesses to turn our situations. The hard can take us wherever we want to reach; that is what Mary Kom has shown us. Mary Kom biography is truly an inspiration for everyone facing difficult times.


Celine Greenholt