7 Ways To Increase sex Drive For Men

For every person, there are times when it feels like all you want to do is have sex, and there are times when the desire for sex reduces. This can be fairly normal based on factors such as age and lifestyle changes. 

However, a drastic change in the desire for sexual activity can indicate the need to make some changes. 

Your sex drive as a man is largely connected to your testosterone levels. Low testosterone levels means lower sex drive and vice versa. 

This article will explore factors that affect sexual drive and how you can increase your sex drive as a man. 

We will discuss this in the context of every type of sexual activity, including masturbation and virtual sex. 

Factors That Affect Sex Drive

Stress Stress can significantly impact your sexual drive. The more stressed you are, the less testosterone your body is able to produce. Instead, your body produces more stress hormones, also known as cortisol. 


Your sex drive is also impacted by hormonal changes resulting from different things in your body. Also, we have naturally varying hormone secretion levels. 


As we age, our hormone levels reduce as well. Although many people maintain a healthy and active sexual life till old age, age still impacts testosterone levels in men. 


Certain medications can negatively impact testosterone levels. For example, excessive use of NSAIDs can lead to a reduction in testosterone production. It can also be affected by steroids, statins, and hypertension medications. 

Medical Conditions 

Chronic illnesses and certain medical conditions can impact sexual drive. It might occur as a symptom of an underlying disease or result of a medical condition. 

Mental Health 

Mental health conditions such as anxiety and Depression can lead to a lack of interest in sexual activity. It can even create a cycle of stressing over your mental health, affecting your sex drive and leading to even more stress and anxiety. 

7 Ways to Improve Your Sex Drive

Focus on Foreplay 

Making sex a rushed affair will likely not help someone with a reduced sex drive. Foreplay allows your body to get ready for sex and intensify pleasure. If you’re having solo sex, an excellent way to have foreplay is to hire the services of a cam model. 

Engaging in dirty talks during skype private cam can improve sex drive. 

Manage Anxiety and Depression 

Anxiety and Depression are some of men’s leading causes of low libido. Practices such as practicing better sleep habits, seeking treatments for your anxiety, and getting on antidepressants as recommended by a professional will improve your sexual drive. 

Also, you can work on sex-related anxiety by having private sessions with cam girls where you can fully express yourself sexually. 

Body Neutrality 

Another driving cause of low sex drive among men is a negative body image. Men who feel unattractive often find it difficult to get excited about their sex drive. 

Practicing body neutrality, that is, the practice of accepting and respecting your body, will help you overcome negative body image and improve your desire to have sex with yourself or others. 

Limit Alcohol and Other Recreational Drugs 

While alcohol and recreational drugs can give an illusion of ramping up your sexual drive in the short term, they have devastating effects on your sexual drive as a man. If you find that alcohol has an aphrodisiac effect on you, you should only take very little quantity of alcohol.

Besides, alcohol and drugs can cloud your sense of judgment, leading to issues around consent. 

Reduce Stress 

Engage yourself more in relaxing activities. You should also find ways to take stressors out of your life and remove yourself from stressful situations. If you’re having a work issue that is stressing you, it might be a good idea to relax with a cam model after work hours. 

Private cam sex is a good way to relax after a long day. 

Sex Therapy 

Sex therapy is another way to manage your sex drive as a man. Everyone should seek the services of a sex therapist every now and then. Sex therapy can also cover other issues, such as sex-related anxiety around a new partner or erectile dysfunction. 

Diet and Exercise

Foods rich in vitamins A and E, calcium, and zinc can help improve libido. It is also best to avoid foods with the opposite effect, such as alcohol. Exercise is also a healthy way to get your sexual drive up. 

Exercise releases some feel-good hormones that can help with sexual energy. 


Francisco Jerde