A Rescue For Your Lawn

Lawn maintenance is one of the tasks not everyone is a fan of. Some people use the pipes for sprinkling, while others add extra expenses and install sprinklers. But this is not possible for those who have a hectic schedule. People travel from place to place, are involved in 9 to 5 jobs, go for a vacation, or maybe sleep too much! Whatever the situation is, grasses and plants in the garden or lawn don’t seem to care about it. All they need is some water to keep them alive, and that’s it! So to cope with such problems, companies have come forward to design devices like  Tap Timers. These devices get fixed to the main pipelines running through the lawn to the water outlet.

What is so special about these devices?

These tiny devices are helpful and work like the gardeners who come and switch on the sprinklers. The only difference is that it may either run on battery or solar energy instead of cash at the end of the month and works without forgetting the time. The most impressive thing about Tap Timers is that you can control them without touching them. These come with a system controlled by smartphones and other devices linked to the internet. 

Though there are various alternatives for taking care of watering the lawn, like planting trees for shadow, creating water storage, growing plants that need less water, etc. Though these can be very easy to follow, none of them is effective without a proper water supply. 

Imagine being in the other half of the world, and suddenly the owner realises that the gardener has not been notified about the trip! So what happens next? They return and see a batch of overcooked grasses laid wide in the sun. 

Benefits of using these automatic sprinklers

These are not just lifesavers that can save your showpiece from sunburn but also can be an intelligent decision in terms of some long-term ideas for garden maintenance. Mentioned below are some ways to help you to enhance your lawn and gardens.

AI time tracker

The most basic way to know when to water the lawn or garden is simply by looking at the sky! If it is morning and the sun is low, pour some water. And if it is sunset, pour some more water. That is how humans decide, and nature hates it! The advantage of using automatic hoses for sprinklers is that they can work based on various factors. The device collects information like the humidity, moisture of the soil, and temperature through the app on the smartphone, which then decides the amount of water and the time to spray the water.


These devices are very self-dependent. They don’t need a continuous power supply or motors to keep them alive. It works on solar power, some of which are powered by batteries. Being linked to your smartphone, you can control them from any part of the world or your bedroom. These simple devices with adjustment options can be the best mechanism for maintaining your garden health. With many other regulatory option,s these tools can be a boon even during seasonal changes. Throughout the year and even when you are away, they are practical and helpful in keeping the plants well irrigated. Unless Wi-Fi or Bluetooth binds it, it can be a handy accessory for you to maintain your garden.


Brenda Conley