All About Plus 500 Review Online

The firm Plus500UK Ltd., which is based in London and is registered in the UK, owns the Plus500 broker. FCA oversees the organisation (UK Financial Conduct Authority). Since 2008, traders have had access to, a trading platform where they can trade more than 2000 financial products. Being among the businesses that facilitate trading CFD (contract for differences) contracts with the fastest rate of growth, the broker offers its services in both Asia and Europe. The Plus 500 review is all positive. So check them now.


Trading with Plus500 has several benefits, including

  • a vast selection of trading assets,
  • the option to select the website’s language (the user interface is available in 31 languages), and mobile trading.


Plus500 has several drawbacks, including

  • a prohibition on scalping, order hedging, and automated trading,
  • a trading platform that occasionally freezes and
  • issues with money withdrawals. is a broker that focuses on working with traders who prefer independent Forex trading over using trading robots.

PLUS500 REVIEW: The Best Online Trading Platform

Top 3 Plus500 Client Evaluations

Here comes the reviews:

  • In 2010, I signed up for a Plus500 account. At the time, the broker was just getting started, and I was getting more comfortable with trading. There were favourable trading circumstances at the time. I earned $50 in my first foreign exchange trading transaction with Plus500. It wasn’t my first win, of course, and it didn’t come in a single week. And the broker allowed me to withdraw the whole amount of my honestly earned money. I continued trading with Roboforex after making the switch. I just went back to check on Plus500 and was startled to learn that spreads were skyrocketing. They refused to even let me withdraw my money, therefore it turned out that there are withdrawal issues.
  • Plus500 is a typical broker with a profit-making goal, but it also sets itself apart with a few characteristics. There are a lot of trading instruments in this scenario. I only established an account here for this reason. But in fact, things aren’t always as easy-going as they seem. For instance, opening an opposite position or automated Forex trading are both illegal here. Therefore, it might be beneficial for individuals who require all those instruments, but I’d rather trade elsewhere where the terms are better.
  • I have no idea to whom I could suggest Plus500. I’ve dealt with a variety of brokers, but this is the first time I see that the business has not changed at all in over ten years! They saved money on marketing costs, there is no training, and the website provides insufficient information. There are no investment plans, no robots or advisors allowed, and it’s not always clear who the broker is aiming at. The only positive development is that I did take my deposit out of this place; else, the impression would have been worse.
  • I chose Plus500 over rivals with comparable offers because, in addition to currency pairs, the broker provides a sizable variety of instruments in other markets that I want to utilise in the future. Plus500 does not require a minimum deposit, offers leverage of 1:300, and the licence is in order. I choose to give this broker a try because all of its requirements had been met. Although restrictions on trading strategies are not embarrassing, they will undoubtedly hinder scalpers. However, the inability to trade utilising a robot is a drawback. The presence of a 24-hour online chat and a multilingual website are two benefits. They are helpful even though they don’t answer soon away. The broker is content overall.
  • I’ve traded with Plus500 for a sizable amount of time. I arrived there as a newbie trader, started working on the demo right away, and simultaneously picked up the intricacies of the financial markets through a variety of books and seminars. I then created a strategy for myself based on basic analysis and began actual trading. I can already claim to be a seasoned trader at this point. The best offer was made in a half-day for about $450.

The most crucial factor is that Plus500 pays, and you may overlook minor errors in the task because of this. In our chaotic period, the broker’s stability is crucial.

How Much of a Deposit Must You Make with Plus500 to Trade?

One hundred US Dollars is the lowest amount you may deposit to begin trading with Plus500, which is a rather cheap minimum deposit—not to mention the lowest in this industry. Plus500 accepts traders with the same deposit as its nearest competitors, Admiral Markets and Avatrade.

One additional advantage deserves to be mentioned. You can take advantage of all the advantages of the broker starting with $100 because Plus500 does not offer different account kinds.

Our specialists have performed some estimates for you if you’re unsure of how much you can accomplish with this amount. Because of this, trading with $100 might be fun if you work with penny Forex. This means that you won’t take positions larger than $1 and that you won’t take risks of more than $10 each trade. The most aggressive scalping trading systems are among the tactics you might use in this situation. Therefore, read more to know the process.

How to Fund Your Trading Account with Plus500

You have a few options for funding your trading account, including bank wire, credit/debit/prepaid cards, and a few e-wallets. The variety of banking options is rather ordinary, as you can see. However, where you are from also affects this. You must determine whether a specific payment option is accessible in your area.

It resembles the offerings of the brokerage firm’s main competitors, Avatrade and Admiral Markets when it comes to adding money to your account and withdrawing winnings. The list of accessible currencies is what, in this case, makes Plus500 a preferable option. The armoury of Plus500 currency contains 14 weapons, whereas it’s the closest market.

The company charges zero commission for all deposit and withdrawal activities, according to the information on its official website. This means that when end consumers top off their accounts, there are no further fees to be paid.