All You Need To Know About The Best Players In Ashes

The Ashes refer to the test cricket series that takes place between England and Australia. It is believed that the trophy of the tournament during the initial years was an urn containing the ashes of a cricket ball. The Ashes test series has been played at least once, every two years, by the teams of Australia and England since its beginning in 1882-83. The latest edition of the test series took place in Australia in 2021-22. The tournament sticks to the traditional format of test cricket in having five matches. From the 1998-99 edition of the game, the Ashes trophy became a Waterford Crystal representation of the original Ashes urn. The urn remains permanently in the MCC Museum at Lords, in London. Until the 2021-22 test series, there have been 72 series. Australia became victorious in 34, England in 32, and the rest remaining drawn between the teams. The world of cricket lovers considers the high-quality matches cricket and remains eager to collect the Ashes news.

The illustrious competition between the two nations famous for cricket makes the series interesting to watch. The traditional form of test series provides satisfaction to the players to go through a steady process of development and experience. Many legendary cricketers have evolved from the Ashes series to make their countries proud of them. Mentioned below is a list of some of the best cricketers of the Ashes, considered in terms of their performance.

  1. Steve Smith

Steve Smith is truly the greatest player in test cricket. Among the Australian cricketers, he holds the seventh position as the top-scoring batsman in the Ashes. Smith is one of the most feared batsmen by the English bowlers in the Ashes. From 27 matches, Smith has amassed a record 2800 runs. He is one of the four players to score ten or more centuries in the Ashes. He holds the record for achieving 11tons and nine half-centuries in the Ashes. After facing a ban, Smith returned to the Ashes tournament in 2019. On his comeback, Smith created a plethora of records to show his supremacy in the Ashes tournament. He hit a record score of 774 runs at an incredible average of 110.57 runs in the 2019 Ashes. He is honored as the achiever of the fifth highest runs in a single edition of the Ashes. His remarkable double century across four matches in the Ashes is memorably the best. He scored 211 in an innings in Manchester. Smith’s records do not end here. He holds the personal history of being the only batter to score 500 runs across the three seasons of the Ashes. His 687 runs from five matches in the 2017 edition of the Ashes is also considered to be a remarkable achievement. Smith was also the lead scorer in the 2015 Ashes. In 2019 smith achieved the rare record of being the fifth Australian batsman to make a century in both the innings of any Ashes test series. His scores were 144 and 142.

  1. Joe Root

Joe Root is an English cricketer, most suited to the test matches and the One Day Internationals. His records speak about his extraordinary capability as a right-handed batsman. In June 2022, he was declared to be the second English batsman and the fourth in the history of cricket to score 10000 runs in test cricket. His top-notch performance of achieving 1385 test runs in the year 2015 made him share a prestigious ICC test ranking with Steve Smith. Root had to his credit 1,630 test runs in 2021. His two half-centuries in the Ashes, 89 and 62, prove his merit as a top batsman. Root’s performance as a captain overshadowed his achievement as England lost to Australia in the 2021-2022 edition of the Ashes.

  1. Steve Waugh

Steve Waugh is an Ashes superstar. His talent as a batsman consolidated his position in the Australian team. Waugh is the third test cricketer in the world to achieve 10000 runs in test cricket. As a batsman, he was considered mediocre during his initial seven years. He changed the opinion of his critics in the following eleven years of his career. One of the remarkable phases of his career was the 1989 Ashes tournament. He scored an astonishing 506 runs at an average of 126.50. He created a record as a batsman by scoring 393 runs without any dismissal, knocking down the stadium with unbeaten 177 and 152 runs. Such batting sensation motivated the Australian team to win the series.

  1. Allan Border

Allan Border, the great Australian cricketer, was one of the most successful captains of the Australian team. He was a reluctant captain during the initial days, but he took up his responsibility seriously to motivate the Aussies to win the 1987 World cup. Border led the Australian team to play 29 tests against England in the Ashes series. Under Border’s able captaincy, the Aussies won the three consecutive Ashes in 1989, 1990-91 and 1993. Border’s highest run was 200 not out in Leeds in 1993 against England.

  1. David Warner

David warner, the Australian opener, drove the Aussies through victory in the 2021-22 edition of the Ashes. His remarkable 94 was enough to motivate his teammates. The Ashes series was an extraordinary victory for the Australian team against England at 3-0. Warner forged a strong partnership with his fellow batsman Marcus Harris to knock down the English players. Warner’s determination to excel helped him to wipe out the stamp of failure faced by him in the 2019 Ashes. His excellent batting style brought a massive lead to the Australian team to defeat England. Warner holds the record for scoring the second highest score by any Australian test cricketer scoring 335 not out against Pakistan.

The thrill and the poise of the Ashes test series, played between two of the renowned teams of Australia and England every two years, make this tournament a special one in the eyes of cricket enthusiasts across the globe. The traditional five-day test matches provide scope to view some of the most memorable games ever played in cricket.

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