Crystals for the Lunar Eclipse

Every year we have a couple of occurrences where the sun, moon, and planet earth align in different ways to shadow each other. These occurrences give rise to solar and lunar eclipses. A lunar eclipse is not an uncommon occurrence and happens at least 2 to 3 times every year as and when the moon, sun and earth align with each other. This special occurrence has cosmic energy which can be utilized and harnessed with the right equipment and objects. Crystals are known to absorb and emit energies. Crystal shop have a wide range of crystals each with different properties that emit and absorb various kinds of energies, not just environmental but also personal aura and energies. Crystals have a great many properties and their study has revealed some interesting facts because of which many people are now using crystals of various kinds in their homes. 

Crystals and Their Properties

Crystals are huge right now. Many people are using and buying crystals after finding out that they have unique cosmic properties. Crystals have been a study that attracted many people and has garnered a lot of curiosity because of their unique cosmic nature. Crystals are found freely in nature and they have a fine value in the market. They are semi-precious stones that are extracted from rock formations and cleansed and sold in the market. These stones have earthy properties and each semi-precious stone has a different energy vibe. 

Crystals are known to have energy-soaking tendencies. They can absorb energy and radiation and therefore have great value in the cosmic nature. Once they are found in rock formations, they are cleaned and let out in the sun to soak positive radiation via sunlight. 

Crystals are found in crystal shops and are often in their dormant state. They are activated by letting them soak in sunlight. Some crystals are pre-activated and sold in shops. There are certain sets of directions that need to be followed before having them at home. Crystals at home and offices can soak up negative energies and radiation and provide positivity, steadiness, support, focus, and strength in various forms.

Crystals for Lunar Eclipse

The lunar eclipse is a powerful natural cosmic event that emits a lot of radiation on the earth. This time needs to be efficiently utilized by the use of crystals. These crystals get activated and absorb the radiation and provide many properties such as calmness, focus, steadiness, and peace. 

There are some specific crystals for the lunar eclipse and these are listed below:

1. Vanadinite

Vanadinite is known for its alignment with the mind and seeing eye chakra. It helps in releasing energy that helps in calming one’s self and sidelining bad habits from life. Vanadinite helps in mental strength, balancing of the mind, re-centering of self, and betterment of the process.

2. Citrine

Congo Citrine is found majorly in Congo and is yellow in color. It helps in positive energy accumulation, energy, and warmth of life. It works best with black obsidian. It is a stone that helps manifest imagination and positivity in life.

3. Black Obsidian

Pure black in nature, this stone is known for bringing one’s negative feelings and weakness to the surface and helping the individuals face them. Acknowledgment is the first step toward healing and when combined with Citrine crystal, it can bring out great positivity, energy, and rejuvenation in life. 

Clare Louise