Defend And Conquer: The Modern Version Of Strategic Gaming

Earlier, whenever there was a mention of the genre of strategic games, the first game that would pop up in the minds of every gaming enthusiast was chess. However, with the advancement of technology, this prospect has changed drastically. While chess finds its place in the class section, modern gaming enthusiasts have a newfound affection for games that reflect the elements of defend and conquer, especially in tower defense

This modern term is a concept of war and battle transformed into multiple online matches, where the two sides try to defend their base while attempting to conquer the opposition’s base, thereby earning the title of tower+defense. The former concept being a simple yet unique and engaging notion has gained a lot of attention in the current times. It is perceived as a fusion of entertainment and strategy-making, making one wonder about their next move and the opposition.


For any game to develop and sustain in the market, the features they provide must be interesting and multiple in number. When it comes to these games, the key feature that stands out is the online multiplayer mode. Playing these games in real-time with players across the globe is what makes them a strong contender for the top spot in the rating charts. Graphic designing has been at the top of its mark, making the game engaging, attributing to the advancement of technology. 

The basic mechanism through which such games operate is the card system. These cards represent various characters in the game, each with their own set of skills. A player is provided with a basic set of cards, to begin with, and as the game progresses, with every match, the player receives rewards. These rewards are cards that allow them to unlock new characters or upgrade existing ones. 

However, it is crucial to occasionally provide these games with new features to ensure the gameplay does not become monotonous. The best route found by these games is the increasing difficulty levels, along with new missions that are added daily, weekly, and monthly, providing rewards on completion. These games also allow you to play with your knowns by inviting them to battle through social media platforms. 

The Strategy

Any game that challenges its players to create a certain strategy to get through various levels is enticing to players. The game requires them to plan a strategy that defends their base and, at the same time, attack and conquer the opponent’s base to rise on the leadership board. The gamers must select a specific number of cards from their entire set to determine which characters will play that match.

Post the pre-match selection, the vital task for the gamers is placing their cards. Using the strongest card at the beginning could be disadvantageous, whereas withholding a card for too long could also be troublesome. It all comes down to the principle of striking when the iron is hot, neither too early nor too late. 

The Prospect

The scope and future of these games are beyond the boundaries of bright as it brings upon the element of a challenge even for the wittiest or the smartest. Meanwhile, it continues to be a quest to be the best.  

Celine Greenholt