Do You Know These Facts About Corinna Kopf?

The internet has given birth to many social media influencers and models. The ability to gain fame and popularity by using social media platforms has become an integral part of many aspiring models. Such is the case with Corinna Kopf. You might or might not have heard of her.

But the chances of encountering her social media profiles are pretty high. Many fans of Corinna know her because of her online presence on different platforms. However, if you have not heard about her and want to know more, we have got you covered!

In this article, we will be covering all the details about Corinna, including biography, age, education, dating and relationships, and more!

With that, let’s get into the details!

Who Is Corinna Kopf?

Corinna Kopf is an American influencer cum model. She is also known as a social media influencer on Instagram. Corinna has a YouTube channel where she posts videos frequently. She also plays the role of content creator and is an entrepreneur based in Palatine, Illinois.

She is well known for her content, and many fans love the variety she offers on her social media handles. Recently, Corinna gained significant popularity and fame through her social media platforms.

Corinna’s Biography

Corinna’s birthday fell on Friday, December 1st, 1995. She was born and brought up in Palatine, Illinois, United States. Her zodiac sign by birth is Sagittarius. Her fans watch her cut the cake on December 1st every year.

Corinna Kopf is currently 27 years old as of 2022. Some sources claim Corinna spent most of her childhood in the Midwest of Wisconsin, Iowa, and Missouri. There is no official word about the University she graduated from. Although, some sources state that she graduated from a reputed university.

After completing her graduation, Corinna decided to move to Los Angeles. Corinna has always had a keen interest in gaming since she was a child. Corinna stepped into social media and fame as Kopf began to post content on her various handles. As mentioned earlier, she is an Instagram influencer and model.

How Does Corinna Look?

How Does Corinna Look

Many fans might be interested in Corinna’s appearance. She is known to have inked some tattoos on her neck. She is 5’6″ tall and weighs around 58 kg or 128 lbs. The color of her eyes is blue, and she is blonde. Her shoe size is 6 US or 5 UK.

Corinna’s Education

Unfortunately, there is no official word from any source about her education. It is only known that she completed her education at a reputed university and started focusing on other aspects of her life.

Corinna’s Family

Corinna was born in a Christian family and held a pure white caucasian ethnicity. Corinna has never revealed anything about her family and siblings. As per some research, it has come to light that her father, Mr. Kopf, is known to be an entrepreneur.

Her mother is known to be a homemaker. Corinna grew older by playing with her siblings. Corinna loves to spend time with her family and siblings.

Dating and Relationships

Many people might be interested to know about Corinna’s dating life. Corinna has dated many well-known celebrities in the industry. For instance, she was known to date Toddy Smith. Many users also noticed her posts and stories with the famous star Toddy Smith on Instagram.

However, the couple separated after a while, and Corinna started a relationship with Turner Tenney. Turner is a popular streamer and esports player. Corinna dated Turner for a long time. Corinna has not revealed anything about her current relationship status.

You should know that some sources claim that she is currently single. Besides dating and relationships, Corinna prefers hanging out with her friends often. David Dobrik has a great bond with the social media influencer cum model. Kopf also shared several videos with David in the past months. In a nutshell, Corinna is single and unmarried.

Career and Profession

Career and Profession of corinna kopf

Corinna initiated her career by becoming a social media influencer or celebrity. She is also an Instagram influencer. Corinna Kopf also started a self-titled YouTube channel where Kopf uploads exciting videos. She was also featured in popular YouTuber David Dobrik’s vlogs before she launched her channel.

Corinna also collaborated with other celebrities, gaining a significant fan base. Corinna is also an essential member of a social group named Vlog Squad with stars like Alex Ernst, Toddy Smith, Liza Koshy, etc.

Net Worth and Income Sources Of Corinna Kopf

Corinna’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million. The source of her net worth is accumulated by advertising and various brand collaborations. Corinna Kopf is known for the exciting pictures and videos she posts on her different social media platforms, which help her generate decent revenue.

Corinna is addressed by the term ‘Pouty Girl.’ Such an instance and name helped her gain popularity across her social media handles and YouTube Channel.

Success and Achievements

Corinna Kopf is a famous television personality. As per IMDB, she made her debut in many TV shows. Her TV debut was in 2015 in the show David’s Vlog. Corinna also appeared in Redbar. Corinna also achieved a noticeable fan base on her Only Fans page.

More Interesting Facts About Corinna Kopf

So far we have covered major information about Corinna Kopf. Well, the information doesn’t end here. Below are some more interesting things about her!

  • Corinna kopf is an animal lover, and she has two pet dogs in her house
  • Corinna has tattoos on her neck and hands
  • The subscription charges for her OnlyFans account are near $25 per month
  • It has occurred to news that Corinna slept with the famous TikTok star Bryce Hall in October 2021
  • Corinna kopf loves to travel to different places
  • She uploaded her first picture on Instagram on February 24th, 2015


1. Is Corinna currently dating someone?

As per some sources, Corinna is currently single and not dating anyone. However, there is no official word about her dating life from herself.

2. Did Corinna grow up without siblings?

There is no information about Corinna’s siblings. We will keep this article updated if any updates about her siblings come to light.

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