Earn more money by playing more games. Check out these apps like Winzo

If you love playing games on the internet and online. Then why not utilise the same for earning money and living a luxurious life? There are many websites and apps like Winzo that assist you in making money online. With these applications, you can enjoy it by earning money online from your smartphone. You don’t need to visit anywhere to earn money from gaming.

Meanwhile, just by having a smartphone or any other device, you are enabled to play and earn money. The more and more you play online, you will be enabled to earn more money. You can earn money online from multiple apps like Winzo and Getmega that offer various games , quizzes, game tournaments, inviting friends, and many more.

However, if you are searching for various apps for playing games and making money online. Then this is an article you should read till the end. Check out these apps, start playing, and earn money.

Different apps like winzo for earning more money 

Winzo gold 

Amongst other gaming apps for earning money, Winzo gold is one of the best for many reasons. The first reason is the various kinds of games offered by this platform. Meanwhile, the second reason is the amount you earn from this platform is enough of the time you have to spend on playing the game. And the third reason being the referral offered by this platform. Where if your referred friend wins, you will get some of the winning amounts from them.

MPL pro is also an app like Winzo. This platform also offers a variety of games to be played online for earning a huge amount. Moreover, the games on MPL are very addictive and can help you in winning a greater amount at a time. As soon as you sign up for the MPL pro, you will be rewarded with the Fairground Slots bonus amount that you can invest in playing the games on this platform.

Paytm first games 

Paytm’s first games can be found on the Paytm app itself. Generally, Paytm doesn’t offer any kind of games through which you can earn money online. But if you scroll down to the battle section, you will get an option of battle where you can compete with other players and can win a huge amount on your Paytm wallet.

Baazi now 

Now, the above apps like Winzo require some amount of money to be invested in the platform for playing and earning.a  But baazi now is one gaming platform that doesn’t demand any investment to play and earn huge amounts. Baazi now combines mainly three kinds of games as brain baazi, bingo baazi, and poll baazi. Where brain and poll baazi is the quiz game and bingo baazi is the game based on bingo.


This is not an app like Winzo but a website that offers you a plethora of games to earn money while playing. Gamezop.com is the website that offers tournaments and games which are stated above in various other applications. This platform also offers various free games to play and enjoy. However, you can also play games at Frizza and GetMega gaming app which will direct you to the Gamezop website for claiming the reward of winning.

These are some apps like Winzo that offer you the opportunity of earning money while being online and playing your desired game. No matter which game you hold in, you will find a plethora of games for earning and playing. Hence, this can be your new way of earning money for living a luxurious lifestyle. So, start playing your favourite game online with the Getmega gaming app and others mentioned above. And make a way of earning regular income


Frank Cook