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All about surcell sandals

In this piece, we went over the surcell website and did a review to establish whether or not the surcell sandals are a scam or a legitimate business. Are you trying to locate a website for a shoe store? A vast variety of footwear can be purchased from a variety of online shopping sites in the United States and Canada. People’s attention has been piqued as a result of the surcell store, which is one of the most popular websites. However, clients should have complete information about a website before placing orders on that website.

The purpose of this essay is to present a review of surcell in order to evaluate whether or not surcell Sandal is a Legit or Scam product. Before making a purchase from the site, we strongly recommend reading the post first.

What are some examples of surcell sandals?

According to the most recent findings of this research, surcell is an online retail company that claims to deal in shoes of a good quality that are affordable for everyone.

The website is stocked with a diverse selection of shoes, including athletic shoes, boots, sandals, flat shoes, golf shoes, socks, and insoles, amongst other options.

In addition, the website has gained some popularity as a result of its special deals and discounts; as a result, clients who shop there will benefit from unique opportunities to save money on each purchase they make. For instance, if you buy two goods, you will receive a discount of 10% off the total, and if you buy three items, customers will receive an instant discount of 15% off the total, in addition to many other perks, such as free shipping on the required minimum purchase, etc.

The variety of surcell sandals’ products and the items that they offer

surcell is an online shoe retailer that makes the claim that they sell high-quality footwear to customers of various demographics. The online store carries a wide variety of footwear, including different styles of sneakers, oxfords, running shoes, flip-flops, flat sandals, insoles, and socks, amongst other goods. Additionally, the company is well-known for its discounts and special offers, making it possible for customers to take advantage of excellent opportunities to save money on each and every transaction.

Variety of Products

variety of products of surcell sandals

  • Women’s Sneakers
  • Sandals Designed for Women
  • Women’s Boots
  • Flat shoes for female wearers
  • Loafers and slip-on shoes for men
  • Men’s Sandals
  • Socks, Insoles, and Other Footwear for Men

After going over the surcell website, its product lineup, and the variables that contribute to its validity, it is time to decide whether the surcell sandals are a scam or a legitimate business. In addition, we need to discuss other aspects such as the store’s highlights, features, and reviews in order to determine whether or not the online shoe store is legitimate. To begin, let’s talk about the features it has.


  • Purchase items at this website:
  • Contact us via e-mail at
  • Contact information: Sidao Jiujiang E-Commerce Corporation Ltd. In Jiujiang City, in Gongqing City, Jiangxi Province, China, Building No. 2, Donghu District in Jiujiang City is located at 204, Building No. 1, Donghu District (address mentioned on Facebook).
  • Owner’s details: The identity of the proprietor of the online shoe store cannot be determined. Despite this, we are aware that the website is managed from within China. When determining whether surcell Sandal is a legitimate company or a scam, this should be one of the decisive factors.
  • Links on Social Media surcell has a link to their Facebook profile on their website.
  • Free shipping is offered on all orders, as part of the company’s delivery policy.
  • Present: both the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service
  • Shipping: Orders are shipped within 15-25 business days.
  • Products are being tracked, and a tracking notification email is being issued.
  • Cancellation and Returns: Provides a return policy of fifteen calendar days and accepts cancellation requests sent via email.
  • The amount of the refund will be determined after the return is received and inspected.
  • Modes of payment accepted include PayPal as well as major credit cards like American Express, JCB, Visa, and Mastercard.

The benefits of wearing surcell sandals

  • Customers will derive the greatest possible benefit from shopping at the online store.
  • The website currently features a broad selection of footwear in its catalogue.
  • Customers are able to get in touch with the site quickly through email and the company address.
  • On the website, there is the option to receive pop-up notifications about the most recent purchase.

Cons associated with the use of surcell sandals

  • On the internet, one cannot find any reviews that are of any use.
  • The website does not have any presence on social networking platforms.
  • On the website, there is a lack of information regarding how to contact the support service.

The legality of wearing surcell sandals

After compiling all of the material at our disposal, we came to the conclusion that the website had a number of flaws. As a result of this reason, we have described all of the pertinent facts under this part in order to aid the prospective buyers in their investigation. In addition, there are numerous fake online stores to be found on the internet. As a result, consumers are urged to conduct extensive research before providing their credit card information on any e-commerce platform.

Please proceed through each of the checkpoints that are listed below.

  • Domain establishment date: The domain name of the website was verified on February 8, 2021; as a result, the website has been around for more than six months at this point.
  • Customer reviews: The official surcell website does not include any mention of customer reviews, nor have we been able to locate any rating pages.
  • Connection to social media Although there is a selection of social media icons available beneath the product description, none of them lead to any legitimate websites.
  • Date of domain expiration – On February 8, 2022, the domain that is now associated with this website will no longer be usable.
  • The online shop has an Alexa rank of 1805488, according to Alexa.
  • Customers should exercise extreme caution while shopping at the online store because it has only a 1% trust score on the trust index.
  • Validity of the address: Following the instructions given will bring you to China. Therefore, the address that was mentioned looks to be derived.
  • content that has been copied – the entirety of the website contains copied stuff.

Feedback from Customers

reviews about surcell sandals

These days, every online shopping portal keeps reviews and rating sites up to date so that customers can learn more about the website’s reliability. On the other hand, the Pursell store does not have a page for customer feedback. The comments from the customers have not been posted on the website as of yet. However, other than the pop-up notifications, we haven’t gotten anything else than the fact that several customers from the United States have already completed the purchase.

On the other hand, some users are searching the internet for information regarding the site’s policy regarding refunds. Find out whether you have been scammed by PayPal here if you have lost money.


Following an exhaustive investigation into all of the relevant technical and supplementary aspects, we came to the conclusion that this online shoe retailer should not be trusted. As a result, all interested readers are required to read through these surcell Reviews before moving further with anything.

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