Gagging And Blindfolds – Why Are They Suddenly So Popular

You may have already noticed that gags and blindfolds now seem like must have items for sexually active adults. Every other person you talk to either has a gag or a blindfolding item. Each of your mates’ phones have photos of a gagged girl or videos around the same theme. You then wonder is there’s something you’re missing out on. Truth is, you are actually missing out on something great. So, why exactly are self gags and blindfolds so popular? How come almost everyone you talk to has one? Should you buy one? Read on to learn more.

The Thrill

Much will be said, much will be written about gags and blindfolds. At the end of the day though, everything boils down to one main thing – thrill. And yeah, thrill and fun are not synonymous but they always go hand in hand. Look at it this way. You’re blindfolded and gagged. You then feel your partner’s hand all over you. Before you know it, oral sex…before you even wrap your head around what’s happening, intercourse…on and on it goes before you explode with the most euphoric orgasm you’ve ever had. It doesn’t get any better than that. So just for the thrill…self gags and blindfolds are worth trying.

Near Zero Expenses

When was the last time you had some adult fun with your spouse without spending? Chances are, you’ve always had to spend a ton of money just to have a good time away from home. That’s hardly the case with gags and blindfolds. Each video of a gagged girl you’ll see doesn’t exude elegance and class. That’s the beauty of it all. You spend so little on gagging and blindfolding paraphernalia but then again you go on to have endless fun.

Easy Like ABC

It isn’t rocket science. You only need to tie each other up. That’s it. You then decide what to do with your gagged girl. You could play games with her before sex kicks in. Notably, sex doesn’t even have to be part of it. As long as you both agree how to go about the game, you’re set. Be sure to learn more online about gagging and how to go about it if you’re running out of ideas.