Get to know about different slot screens

Slot screens are a full range of screening efficiency that reduces blinding. This is achieved by adding the screen panels to the long straight wires generated by a vibrating action to help free lodged particles. 

The precise slot screen comprises a perforated base pipe and a stainless steel filtering jacket for a punched slot responding with a backup ring. The foundation set for places is made out of line compressed with API casing or API tubing with many drilled holes. 

Here are some types of slot screens you must know 

  • Bridge slot screen 

Bridge slot screen has a high parameter accused of collapse high in strength, tensile, column strength casting high pipes and installation deep about 1200 meters. The bridge slot screen still has an excellent performance in projecting like dewatering, water well, water resource development, water rejection, and many more.

Open areas for bridges range from 5% to 10% with limited spacing because of adequate blank space left between openings for the screen. 

  • Pipe well slot screen 

For a water well, a pipe well slot screen is most commonly employed and can be used in the following ways: 

  • The slotted inner corner is reliable and cost-effective for long completions and low productivity wells. 
  • It’s an open area that offers appropriate space for straight and keystone slot types in various patterns. 

  • Pulp slot screen

Pulp slot screens are a piece of pulping equipment in the paper industry. It is used not only for screening but also for paper-making processes, fine screening waste paper pulp. 

Working principle for pulp slot screen 

  • The pulp enters between the cylinder and the pressure screen basket. 
  • The difference in pressure of the two sides caused qualified the screen gap that resulted in the dum screen flow. 
  • The draining of the pulp starts from the lower water outlet. 

The pulp size determines the screen’s opening area, resulting in a more significant gap. Meanwhile, the screening speed will increase while the screening quality will be significantly reduced. 

Separator for wedge wire slot screen 

Wedge wire slot screens are primarily found in mining, oil, sand, seawater filtration, and industry separation. In a fork of the seawater, wedge wire slot screens are utilized in the following ways. 

  • The red highlights that we use in size. 
  • The profile shows surface material. 
  • The dimensions and shapes of the support profiles are adequate to show in the picture. 

Benefits of slot screens 

  • Slots screens are of perfect control

The width of the slot ranges from 0.30, 1.00mm, and 0.05mm width. As a result, it can match the formation formed by various particle sizes and meet the sand control requirements under sand control. 

  • It has excellent corrosion resistance

The stainless steel jacket of salt resistance is an excellent source of the punched slit. It is exceptionally adaptable to prevent the distance between the slots from expanding over the corrosion.  

  • It has excellent integral strength and deformation

The inside component of the jacket is supported by the base pipe protective outside can be positioned as a filtration jacket. 


Slot screens for wedge wire are more acceptable in the market, providing the components of V shapes base pipes. It is mainly suitable for high viscosity and high-pressure drop applications.