Glimpses of the Harmonic Life of Vaughn De Spenza

“In The Mind of an Artist, there is a Masterpiece. —Kai Green”

An Artist is a person who believes in extraordinary things and goes beyond limits to achieve his vision for any project. Vaughn De Spenza is an artist who has created a name for himself in the entertainment industry by creating bodies of work in various forms. As a result, he has shaped a professional life for himself that many newcomers to this industry take inspiration from and admire for his bold decisions throughout his career.

The life of Vaughn De Spenza leads him as a source to always more significant resources, pushing the boundaries and demonstrating to others striving for their own goals. Born in 1962, on the 9th day of September, De Spenza has spent most of his life immersed in music and into a career the in the creative industry spanning 40 years. In 1983 he opened a recording studio, started a production company, and entered a recording contract. In 1991 when he was just 28 years old, his debut gig was managing Billy Preston, the renowned keyboardist for the Beatles and the Rolling Stones as tour manager. This was all happening in Europe, as the tour started in Budapest, and at this exact time, he realized many things about the scope and range of his interest and skills, and for him, this was when the walls came down.

From the beginning of his professional life, back in 1983, to this date, he has been a part of many projects. He has professionally operated many positions, including Music Producer, Audio Engineering, Concert Promoter, Composer, Writer, Agent, Tour Management & Supervision (from planning to execution), Film Producer, Event Organizer (from planning to execution), Musicianship (Guitar, Keyboards, Drums & Bass) and Tour Guarantor. 

From trial to error to get the job done and rising to the occasion, the story of Vaughn De Spenza is a unique one. If we go back to his early age, we can see that his passion for this industry fueled the art created through his hard work. When De Spenza was just 7 years, he started his journey in academia by studying drums and guitar at Al Foormans Music Academy in Los Angeles’ Crenshaw district. After completing his courses for drums and guitar, he then, at 11 years, studied applied music theory on the guitar at the Eubanks Conservatory of Music.

The skills he learned back at the music academy and conservatory were utilized well when he was in high school and joined Dorsey High Jazz Band, along with forming a band with classmates Tony Delgado (bass) and Andre Yates (drums). The band they formed came third in the 1st Annual Los Angeles Battle of the High School Bands in 1979. After graduating from high school, De Spenza’s life changed. He opened a recording studio and started Reel Fashion Productions, where he recorded and cultivated a talent for companies throughout the 1980s. 

The motivational aspect of the life of Vaughn De Spenza is undeniable. His unique path encourages those in this business who aspire to be dedicated to the commitment of excellence and doing a job well done. This is why De Spenza, in all his many years as a professional, has worked with some of the most famous and accomplished recording artists the world has ever known, i.e., Billy Preston, Dionne Warwick, Ike Turner, Buddy Miles, Jose Feliciano, The Gipsy Kings family (Los Reyes), Kool & the Gang, Al McKay & the Earth Wind & Fire Experience to name a few.


Celine Greenholt