Growth Hacking VS Growth Marketing

We know the benefits of the Growth Hacking Agency to any organization. If you learned about the perks a growth marketing agency supplied, many blogs and articles could offer knowledge about it.

The word Growth Hacking is a new term that has benefitted many companies. But when asked, many people need to learn the difference between a growth hacking agency and a growth marketing agency.

So, let us now see the main differences between these terms.

Before moving to the differential part, we can look at their definition to provide a basic understanding of the words.

What is a growth hacking agency?

Growth hacking agency deals with providing a few clever shortcuts to hack the business environment and lead the firm to reach its highest goal. They do certain tricks and cheat to ensure that the business runs smoothly.

The word ‘hack’ can be considered unwise, but when it comes to the business game, you need to update your occupational level through these techniques to sustain yourself in the market.

It is a complicated process to ensure the speed of the growth is multiplied through different experimentation and implementations of confident techniques.

The main characteristics of a growth hacking agency are listed as follows:

  • A growth hacking agency is a multifunctional and technical development agency that combines different measures for success.
  • They investigate the insights of customer behavior in their preferences by analyzing various qualitative and measurable data.
  • After analyzing the behavior of its audience growth hacking agency, evaluate different metrics on the result obtained.
  • They do much testing and initiate various alternatives which work the best for them.

What is a growth marketing agency?

When we consider a growth marketing agency, it is an organization or institution which deals with the growth and development of any firm through proper strategies of marketing and attracting customers with practical production and promotions.

A growth marketing agency looks for decent customers and tries to stay in contact with them for a more extended period for better prosperity of the business firm.

They want their customers to stay in a tightly bonded relationship and regularly visit to ensure the progress and sustainability of the firm in this competitive market.

Now, let us look at the characteristics of a growth marketing agency for a better understanding. These are the following point that makes the definition more reasonable:

  • A growth marketing agency is a mixture of specific marketing strategies to boost the production and growth of any business.
  • It implements appropriate strategies based on the customers’ requirements by analyzing their needs, such as content or video marketing.
  • It promotes those strategies considered suitable and traditional for any business to expand.
  • The tactics are prioritized rather than tricks in a growth marketing agency.
  • A growth marketing agency is patient with its results as they work on the principle of long investment of the customers.
  • It concentrates on its target consumer rather than just attracting customers for a short period.

Many organizations use the term interchangeably as their meanings are apparent through the definitions.

We can now learn about the difference between Growth Hacking Agency and Growth Marketing Agency.

Growth Marketing vs. Growth Hacking

Branding Process

  • When we consider a growth marketing agency, it involves much branding, whereas, in the case of a growth hacking agency, the branding is kept at par.
  • The promotion of the products and services of any organization is a core element of a growth marketing agency.
  • A growth hacking agency, they do not depend on and are involved in any such branding.
  • Instead, a growth hacking agency looks for different tricks to ensure the brand’s awareness.
  • The success and failure of a growth hacking agency depend on experiments rather than following the traditional methods of general information about the products and services.
  • A Growth hacking agency does not follow these traditional ways to know, understand and analyze which experiment brings them immense and rapid growth and from where this lead is generated.

Different Pace in Growth and Sustainability

Both marketing agencies differ in their growth speed and sustainability.

  • In a growth marketing agency, the marketers opt for higher sustainability with genuine customer gain. The process is slow, but they maintain patience within themselves.
  • It helps them stay with the customers for a longer time and provides permanent growth to the development of the enterprise.
  • Whereas, when we look at a growth hacking agency, they look for speed to maintain its sustainability with the current business environment.
  • The growth hacking agency comes with no guaranteed results.
  • Thus, both marketing agency faces the same issues with different outlooks,
  • In a growth marketing agency, the results are prolonged to near zero, and in a growth hacking agency, the results are uncertain.
  • The growth hacking agency will look for alternatives and options applicable at that particular time and try to increase its traffic. The results then acquired will be for a short time. The same is the case with a growth marketing agency. Their results are sure, but at a plodding pace.

Innovation and Hard Work

We know their difference when it comes to hard work and brilliant work.

  • In a growth hacking agency, the work is done through simple creative shortcuts to ease the workers’ challenging manual course of activity to ensure growth in the business.
  • A growth marketing agency, they dedicate hard work to survive in the business for a lengthier period.
  • The revolutionary tricks and methods pull the business with various sky-rocketing techniques in a growth hacking agency.
  • When a growth marketer is concerned, they try to lay their foundation effectively with dedicated efforts. They use time-taking strategies.
  • When a growth marketing agency is concerned, they want to meet the duties and objectives of the organization first and then lay its ladder toward the path of growth and development.

These are fundamental differences between a growth hacking agency and a growth marketing agency.

Roderick Correa