Here are 4 Interesting Cultural Tourist Attractions in Lombok


Lombok is a tourist destination that is popular with many local and foreign tourists. Similar to Bali, Lombok also offers natural tourism exoticism such as coast, mountains, to waterfalls.

If you plan to go to Lombok soon, Cobain tours are exciting in different ways. You can try for cultural tours while in Lombok. There are many unique cultures that you can find in Lombok.

  1. Peek at the life of the Sasak tribe in Rambitan Sade Village

One of the popular cultural tourist destinations is Rambitan Sade Village. Here, you can see directly the life of the Sasak tribe, ranging from hereditary traditions that are still applied to their unique traditional homes. This traditional house is made from buffer wood poles, dry relages as a roof, and bamboo walls. Uniquely, the Sasak tribe has a habit of mopping the floor of his house with buffalo shit. This tradition is believed to be able to drive mosquitoes from home. Here, you can do some interesting sightseeing in spain activities, starting from watching the weaving tradition, watching Beleq drum shows at a certain time, taking pictures with traditional Sasak traditional clothes, and buying souvenirs.

If you want to see how the cultural life of the Sasak tribe, Sade Village, which is located in Central Lombok, can be your stopover.

  1. Learn fabric weaving in the village of Sukarara

Another village that is also famous as a weaving fabric center in Lombok is the village of Sukarara, which is located not far from Sade Village. When entering this village, your eyes will be spoiled by the colorful and beautiful and beautiful Lombok woven fabric.

Here, you will see many women who weave in front of the house because weaving has become a hereditary tradition for women in the village of Sukarara. This tradition is a mandatory requirement for Sasak women who want to get married. Uniquely, making this cloth still uses traditional tools. Karen, the fabric is homemade, then making one fabric takes a long time, about three weeks to 5 months, depending on the difficulty level.

If you are satisfied visiting the weaving tradition, you can reward yourself and your loved ones with a typical Sukarara woven cloth! You can also take pictures wearing a weaving cloth in the Sasak traditional house. To get to this village, you can use a private vehicle by taking the Mataram-Cakranegara-Kediri-Sukarara route. Or, with public transportation, you can choose the Mataram-Painted and Praya majors.

  1. Witness a unique nyale festival in Kuta Beach

Have you ever heard of the legend of the Mandalika Princess? It is said that Mandalika’s daughter is a beautiful and kind-hearted princess, where her beauty lured the prince from various kingdoms to many who finally apply for the princess. Mandalika’s daughter did not want a split due to receiving only one application, then the princess decided to throw it into the sea on Seger Beach. After that, many worms have sprung up from the sea. Residents believe Bahw Acacing is the charming of the princess.

Usually these worms have sprung up once a year. The Lombok community held a nyale festival around Kuta Beach and Seger Beach located in the east of Kuta Beach. Residents will jointly capture nyale to be sown in the rice fields, or ocessed into food at this festival. If you want to watch the nyale smell festival, you can come to Mandalika around February-March.

  1. Seeing the process of making traditional Lombok pottery in Banyumulek Village

You can also watch the process of making traditional potteries in the village of Banyumulek. Here, you will find most villagers who work as pottery craftsmen.

There are various clay potteries with many forms, ranging from small to the biggest. Besides the pottery, other handicrafts such as wall hangings, displays, flower vases, key chains, and many others.

One of the most distinctive products in Banyumulek Village is a jug of thieves. This jug is hollow on the bottom, the goal is to put water into a jug, but this special design of the jug will make the water won’t come out again from the hole.

Whether your trips take you to a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas and resorts or urban attractions, extra research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Lombok by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.