How Fintech and Data Science Go Hand-in-Hand

Fintech, short for Financial Technology, has been growing steadily for years and only becomes more advanced as time goes on. Data science is the use of scientifically collected data to suggest moves a business or individual should do next to increase their chances of getting a positive outcome. Together, these two technologies can help business owners to improve their finances and the way they operate their business as a whole.

Risk Analysis

Fintech companies like Cane Bay Partners and other financial consulting companies use data science to help protect businesses by using risk analysis software. In this case, “risk analysis” refers to the chance that a business will gain or lose money from buying a certain item, investing, and more. The software will run the numbers and give a percentage of the chance that a business will face profit or loss. Business owners can use this information to make more informed decisions.

Expansion Opportunities

Using fintech and data science can also be used to find the best time and place for a business to expand to. A business owner would use this feature when trying to figure out where to open a second location or where to move his or her business into a larger building. This software will look at market trends and area demographics to predict if a business will do well or poorly in a new location. This also ties in with risk analysis, showing the chances of a business turning a higher profit in a certain location.

Task Automation

Not every task needs to be done by hand, especially when it comes to working on computers. Data science and fintech can keep records of what employees do online and which tasks they do can be automated. After collecting enough data, the software can advise the business owner as to which tasks can be automated or not. Depending on which fintech service a business uses, the software may be able to automate the tasks itself, rather than dictating instructions on how to do so.

Competitor Research

Knowing as much as possible about your competitor can help a business grow exponentially. Data science can help with this. Fintech can collect information on similar businesses and show business trends, such as pricing and new market opportunities. From here, business owners can decide whether or not they want to make trending changes in their own business. 

Fraud Risk

Fraud risk is different from risk analysis. Businesses can get scammed just like anyone else. Using fraud risk protection software can help to reduce this risk. Password protection, data encryption, and more are all provided by fintech, depending on which service a business owner uses. The more protected a business’s data is, the less likely the business owner is to lose their hard-earned money.

Fintech and data science are nothing new, and they continue to advance a little more each year. Business owners would be wise to invest in some kind of fintech. Doing this can help to both protect what the business already has, and help to gain even more!


Frank Cook