How Much Does It Cost to Call India from the USA

At 53 paisa per minute, India has one of the lowest termination prices for international calls. Customers in India, on the other hand, must pay a large termination penalty when calling abroad, which is on average six to eight times higher than what customers from other countries spend for calling to India. 

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India intends to slash termination fees by nearly half, to roughly 25-30 paisa per minute. On the surface, this may appear to contradict reality. The matter of cheap India calling from USA is much more complex in reality.

According to their calculations, each increase in cancellation charges will generate nearly Rs 60 billion in additional cash for India. They say that the country is currently losing foreign exchange as a result of paying for costly termination in other nations. This will ensure that Indian users have access to low-cost plans.

Is there any way to call India from the USA at a low price?

Are you residing in the United States while your loved ones or family remains in India? Thus, you’ll most likely need to call India more often, perhaps even daily. 

Because there are so many Indians living in the United States, the demand for low-cost calls to India is growing by the day. The issue is that locating a dependable, high-quality provider is difficult.


Vonage is another popular VOIP service for making international calls. The Vonage adaptor, a conventional or cordless phone, and a network connection are all required. The Vonage adaptor is available for purchase on their official website. 

It provides free calls to landline lines in more than 50 countries, as well as 10-minute calls to mobile numbers. It offers unlimited conversation duration for both cellular and land phones in India.

  • A wireless handset is included with the bundle.
  • You may also receive calls from anywhere using their smartphone app.
  • On a one-year commitment, they provide an original offer for $9.99 for the first six months.

Google voice

Google simplifies everything, so Google Voice will be no exception. This is an internet calling service that allows you to make low-cost calls to any number in any nation. 

For voice roaming from the United States to India, Google Voice offers low prices. Start making calls after connecting the VOIP adapters, cordless phone, and broadband connection. Voicemail is also available through Google Voice.


Skype is a computer or mobile phone program that allows you to make voice and video chats with anyone. It also offers a paid service that allows you to contact landline phones and mobile phones in any nation. 

Calls between Skype users are free. The other person you’re contacting must have Skype activated on their computer or smartphone for this to work.


Keku is a smartphone application that allows you to make low-cost calls to India from anywhere in the world. It’s a little strange how it works. It will give your India phone number a local mobile number. As a result, when you phone the local number, it is instantly forwarded to the number internationally.

When it comes to the matter of cheap India calling from the USA, it is always a matter of these above-mentioned applications. Thanks to these applications have helped to overcome the long-distance and assisted us in connecting with our loved ones or for working purposes.

Clare Louise