How to Get a Business Loan Sanctioned With Bad Credit History

According to the statistical reports, approximately 38% of small business owners don’t receive the requested funding from their lenders because of their bad credit scores. Meanwhile, your credit score plays a significant role in getting your future loans sanctioned. 

Many people plan to open a startup business but lack the required funding the run it. And many funding agencies and banks provide business loans to small business owners or people who are planning to open their startups, but they check their past credit scores. However, specific lenders provide bad credit business loans to budding entrepreneurs because they consider giving them a chance based on their current financial situation and document verification. 

So if you want funds for your business but have a bad credit score, you can refer to the following points before applying for your loan. These points will help you apply for your loan in a much more organized way so that it increases your chances of getting your loan approved:

Evaluate Your Reasons

When you are planning to apply for a business loan, it is essential first to evaluate why you need this funding. Meanwhile, every lender thoroughly checks your purpose of applying for a loan. Hence, it would help if you determined your reasons and carefully explained how the funding will help you earn. Meanwhile, your purpose should be practical and error-free. And if your business does not have a scope of earning in the future, the bank may reject your application. It is why you must ensure that your business will make good earnings in the future and you will be able to pay back the loan within due time. 

Check Your Eligibility

There are specific criteria that you have to fulfill in order to get your loan sanctioned. These criteria prove your eligibility for a loan application. And the following points will explain these criteria:

Personal and Business Credit Score

Many business lenders check a person’s personal credit score along with their business credit score. And if one of these has a bad credit history, the lender checks its progress. 

Duration of Business

Business leaders are usually inclined towards sanctioning loans to businesses that are at least a year old because it lets them evaluate their creditworthiness. 


The lenders make sure that the borrower does not have any outstanding debt to pay. 


The purpose of applying for a business loan is extremely important because it helps the lender assess the situation better. And if they are aware of the borrower’s purpose, then they can better sanction the funding based on their requirements. 

Proper Documentation

You may want to get your bad credit business loan sanctioned, and in that case, you must focus on proper documentation because the lenders will require your proper identification, personal and business tax reports, your financial history, and asset details. All these documents will help you get your loan approved. 

You can look for some online lenders who have flexible eligibility criteria for loan applications. They will provide you with the necessary funding despite your bad credit score. You can also find a guarantor who has a good credit score for your loan; this will ensure that if you are not able to pay the installments, the lender will retrieve the money from your guarantor.

All these points will help you file your application for a business loan. And you can find many lenders online who provide business loans for people with bad credit history. 

Clare Louise