How to Hang Curtains Correctly the First Time

Setting up the interior of a new home is a challenging task. There are so many ways to go about it and each person at home may have a different perspective on things. Redecorating a room or renovating a space may also demand the use of newer and more modern artifacts and decor for the space. 

Changing the seating or sofas, choosing the color for the living, carpets, and rugs for the rooms, electronics such as TVs and other gadgets that go on the wall, hanging curtain rods, and plush curtains that go with the rugs and the space, etc. 

These are some of the many tasks that need to be figured out. A novice at decorating the home or a DIY kit can be tricky at first and may require some help but most of these things can be figured out easily. 

Curtain Rods and Curtains

One of the most important accessories for home decor is possibly curtains. Curtains add a luxurious appeal to the space as well as make the room lighter or darker according to the type of curtain. It can block off the sun slightly or completely and provide the right setting for the room. 

Curtain rods are accessories that help in mounting the curtains on all window panes. They come in many attractive designs and shapes these days and can be chosen according to the outlook of the room. 

Some curtain rods also come in a small range of colors such as silver, metallic grey, brown, black, rose gold, and gold. Choosing curtain rods and the curtains that go in each room is an important task and can vary on the overall outlook of the room and the personal taste of the homeowners. 

Curtains help in providing room separation, and privacy shields the room from sunlight, and dust, and has various other purposes. Thicker curtains can protect the room from external heat and light and even contain the air conditioning inside the room to an extent. 

A good pair of curtains can add a lot of glamour, luxury, and a touch of style to the interior of any room. This is why investing in a pair of good curtains and matching curtain rods can be quite important. 

Hanging Curtains – Step by Step

Hanging curtain rods and curtains for the first time can be tricky. Below is a step by step guide to placing the curtain rods and hanging the curtains in the best way:

  1. Measure the window panels and the height at which the curtain rod brackets must be placed. Obtaining the width of the panel and the height at which the rods are to be placed can help in choosing the right size for the curtains. 
  2. The curtains must be ideally twice the width of the window panel and the brackets must be placed 4 to 5 inches outside of the window panel and at least a couple inches above the panel to allow for maximum utility of the curtains. 
  3. Once the measurements are done, make a small marking and check with a level to see if the markings are at the same level on either side before drilling. 
  4. Use a screwdriver to drill and attach the brackets on the wall above the window panels and a few inches outward. 
  5. Hang the curtains on the rod. Expand the rods to fit the size of the panels and then place them on the brackets. 

Clare Louise