How to Keep a Successful Career While Still Studying?  

The idea of going back to college while working can be daunting to many people. It takes a great deal to handle a full-time job and study at the same time. But with good planning and prioritization, working professionals can hack it and succeed in their careers as well as their post-graduate studies. To help you juggle these two important aspects of your life, we’ve prepared ideal tips to study while working.

Update your employer 

Your employer needs assurance that you can manage to complete the job tasks while studying. Therefore, you should update your employer about the classes you are taking. This is not only professional but also a good way of getting their attention. They are likely to consider you for promotion based on your studies if you engage them. Just so that you are on the right side of the employer, you might have to sacrifice your holidays and weekends to ensure work schedules are completed.

Create a plan 

Studying while working requires lots of planning. At the start of every semester, you need to map your journey. You can do this by getting detailed information about your syllabi and examination dates. Use a marker to highlight important dates. Ensure you also use digital markers that will remind you of due dates as they get closer. With the same spirit, you should also highlight important company meetings and deadlines in your planner.

Use your free time wisely 

At the end of the day, you’ll always have a break for yourself. How you use it determines the success of both your studies and work schedules. During your free time, you should take time to update yourself on important aspects of your college and work life. Highlight what needs to be improved and clear any deficit that you may have on either your college or work schedule.

Take advantage of technology 

Technology has been advanced to help humanity. You should use it to your advantage when you have fixed study and work schedules. At school, you don’t have to jot down everything. Instead, study apps can be used to update your studies. You should also find your way of abbreviating phrases and words to keep up with the pace of the teacher.


Just don’t overdo it; otherwise, it will stress you. If you are taking a course and working full time for the first time, you can try AHA ACLS, which is more accessible and has friendlier schedules.


Gunnar Mueller