How To Set The Mood During Live Sex Chat


There are tons of convenient ways to proposition your significant other during live sex chat. You can be straightforward and say, “Babe, I’ve been thinking about phone sex!” or you can be a bit more sly and try, “My friend told me she tried phone sex and loved it… what do you think?” The conversation will likely lead to some tantalizing anticipation, which will enhance the experience when it finally happens!

Keep an open mind

Like any new experience, it might be a little bumpy at first. It’s normal for couples to fumble a little. Just remember that with practice, your skills will improve tremendously.

Discuss your fantasies

Talking through your fantasies beforehand will set the stage for a seamless live sex chat convo. Brainstorm some scenarios with your partner that turn you both on. Where do your sexual minds intersect? If you need help getting the ball rolling, there’s no shame in Googling “sex fantasies.” Here are a few of our favorites: BDSM, bondage, stripteases, roleplaying, voyeurism, and anal sex.

Familiarize yourself with sexy lingo

Not a dirty talk pro? No biggie! There are various ways that you can brush up on your filthy mouth vocabulary. Try reading erotica or watching porn *not* on mute. This will help you get more familiar and comfortable with the lingo!

Begin with a sext

Starting with the call itself may feel like diving into a shark-infested deep end. Ease your nerves by dipping your toes in first, with a short sext exchange (note: don’t just send a dick pick. Get creative!). Sexting is the foreplay of phone sex and will give you both a chance to get all hot n’ bothered before you plunge into sexy talk. “You can also send nudes,” Dunne adds, “the visual aids will help your partner get into the right mindset.”

Set the mood

Even though your partner can’t see you, setting the mood during a live sex chatwill help you feel more comfortable and ultimately make the phone sex better. Do you feel sexiest when nude in a steamy bubble bath? Do candles get you tingling? Perhaps sultry silk panties do the trick! Whatever makes you feel comfortable, but also horny, is how you should set the mood.

Live sex chatis indeed a great way to spice up your love life. Engaging in sexting with a girl or guy not only brings in a sense of adventure and excitement but also helps in establishing an intimate bond with your partner. Use the above mentioned tips to script some blazing hot sexting messages, turn on your bae and see the temperature scorching.

Clare Louise