How to smoothly arrange importing of vehicles to Canada?

Importing a large number of goods to Canada requires a certain process. With some beneficial laws and great deals on automobiles, purchasing and importing cars to Canada is in trend. The process may seem complex if this is the first time you are importing cars to Canada. However, a trusted customs broker like Clearit car importing can help you with smooth import and also guide you on the documentation required.

Considering the peace of mind, most businesses hire customs broker to perform the entire process of importing on their behalf. Here are some questions that are most commonly asked related to importing vehicles to Canada.

How to arrange importing of vehicles to Canada?

  1. Can I import cars from other countries too and not just USA?

Most cars manufactured in USA are allowed for importing into Canada. However, vehicles that are not manufactured in the USA are not allowed for importing into Canada. It is because these automobiles do not comply with the MVSA (Motor Vehicle Safety Act) requirements.

  1. Can I import a car that is not manufactured in or as per the law of Canadian regulations?

The answer will be same as explained in the previous question above. The vehicles that are not manufactured or passed by the US government, cannot imported into Canada as well.

  1. How do I differentiate between non-regulated and regulated class of vehicles?

Regulated vehicles refer to as light-duty trucks such as sport vehicles, pickup trucks, minivans, and others… These vehicles must be manufactured within the last 15 years as per the safety standards law of Canada. If they meet the Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, these can be picked and imported to Canada.

Non-regulated vehicles means the vehicles are 15 years or older. These are not allowed for transport to Canada. A few examples include buses, terrain vehicles, dirt bikes, pedal bicycles, etc…

  1. Are modified or upgraded cars allowed for importing to Canada?

It is possible if you have modified the car as per the Canadian standards and rules. You may have to check the Canadian safety regulations for the same.

  1. How do I know if my car is eligible for importing to Canada?

Before arranging the car for importing into Canada, it would be wise to understand whether the car meets the eligibility criteria for importation. The registrar of imported vehicles or a broker from Clearit car importing can help you with the information and knowledge.

Brenda Conley