Importance of hand hygiene

Many people were taught as kids the importance of washing their hands. Parents usually advise their children to “wash your hands before eating dinner!”. However, what many people did not seem to realize, was just how important hand cleanliness really is. In recent times, hand washing is suggested that it can save lives.

The basis of washing hands is ultimately to remove or kill microorganisms better known as germs, on the hands. When a person washes their hands properly, it is the most successful way to prevent the spread of diseases. The most common hand hygiene is using soap with running water or hand sanitizer that eliminates germs with an alcohol base. Hand hygiene is one of the most important methods people can do to avoid getting sick and spreading their germs to one another.

Most bacteria and diseases are spread through the absence of hand hygiene. This is a standard procedure for employees before they return to work after using the restroom. In healthcare environments, hand washing is necessary for all employees to prevent spreading viruses or bacteria from patient to patient or even taking it home with them.

People are regularly touching their faces including eyes, noses, and mouths without even realizing it. This is the number one way germs enter the body and infect a person. Germs are known to multiply on unwashed hands and can get on food and drinks while a person eats. The spread of germs can also transfer when touching unsanitized surfaces, especially in public areas.

With stressful times of dealing with Covid-19, hand sanitation is more important than ever. It can mean life or death for a person. The CDC recommends everyone perform a method of hand hygiene to protect themselves and those more at risk.

Hand cleanliness does not always have to be washing hands or using hand sanitizer. In today’s age, there is access to technology that works just as well as hand washing. Dr. Brad’s Digitsock Hand Hygiene Source Solutions is the future of hand cleanliness. The Digitsock is a silver-threaded yard technology providing a hand hygiene source solution or barrier. The glove is functional, reusable, easy to wear, moisture-wicking, screen-friendly, and most importantly comfortable. The Digitsock enables people to perform all their activities of daily living or work responsibilities with a simple silver threaded barrier.

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How we can prevent the spread of germs with hand hygiene