Important reasons to have your home valued by an independent valuer

You have been very happy with your home for many years. It has seen you through your married life and the upbringing of the family. There are so many memories of great times as the kids have grown up with relatives and friends also joining in the celebrations.

However, the kids have now left home. It’s just you and the wife and after long discussions you have come to the decision that the house is too big for you, and you wish to downsize. But before you put it up for sale you want to know how much it’s worth so you can invest some of your incoming cash. A house valuation in Adelaide by PropertyPricer seems-RB like the perfect solution.s like the perfect solution.

Here are some important reasons to have your property valued independently by experts.

  • Traditionally, many real estate agents would value a property according to what other houses in the area cost, but that is a tired and unfair system. Why should your property be undervalued when you have carried out huge improvements to it so that it is as modern as any new abode. Investments in the home should be translated into the price.
  • It is important to get a true valuation so that you know what money you will have to look at buying somewhere else and considering any extra costs will be involved so that you are not left short of cash. A guidance might be required so that you select the right home.
  • If the house has been looked after properly and has huge sentimental value, then a professional agent will put that into account in their valuation.
  • It is vital not to put your home on the market at too high a price as the chances of a sale will diminish with very few prospective buyers getting past the price tag in the advert.
  • It is equally important not to set your price too low. It will deprive you of the cash that the property is worth and sees years of maintenance wasted.
  • An agent will know of any upcoming local developments that will affect the price of properties. For instance, a new amenity or improvement in the transport system will make a location more desirable. Or maybe to one near to where you love spending your weekend.

There are of course other options to selling which also require an accurate property valuation.

  • You might decide that the value is not up to what you think it should be, so you decide to rent it out until the market improves. Getting a proper valuation allows you to determine what is a sensible rent to attract interested parties.
  • After speaking to one of the kids, they have expressed an interest in buying from you so that the home remains in the family. This is welcome news, but again, you do need a fair valuation, especially important when emotions will be high.

Having a property valued by an independent agent is the best way to ensure that it meets its true value.

Clare Louise