Inexpensive And Durable Kitchen Flooring Alternative

A luxury flooring installation in the kitchen can cost around $20 to $30 per sq. ft. Australian homeowners can contact reliable flooring suppliers and installers in Flooring Domain [an online AU directory] to shop around for better deals. Nevertheless, if you are eager to shop around as well as handle it as a DIY project, then your new kitchen flooring can cost less than $1 per sq. ft.

Besides, material costs there are many other factors to consider in terms of a kitchen environment. The chosen option needs to fulfill two conditions.

  • For a DIY project choose a friendly material. If you have to hire a flooring installer then the option will not be inexpensive even if the chosen material is cheap.
  • The material chosen has to be durable as well as easy to clean. Premature replacing of the floor because of warping or cracking will be the worst bargain.

You also need to consider the home’s resale value, when choosing the flooring material. An inexpensive option might not be a great choice if the home value gets negatively affected.

Some inexpensive kitchen flooring options that can be considered are given below. They are available in an extensive range of textures and styles as well as are good kitchen performers. People can check Flooring Domain, an online US directory for the recent prices. However, while evaluating even check if the prices include adhesive, underlayment, grout, and other supplies needed for installation.

Vinyl flooring

If you have a healthy subfloor then vinyl flooring is the cheapest option without concerns about new underlayment costs. Peel & stick tile is the most inexpensive vinyl type.


  • It is the most inexpensive flooring material among all options.
  • It has a resilient surface easy on your feet.
  • It is easy to clean….a damp mopping is sufficient.


  • Vinyl can be easily scratched or gouged.

Laminate flooring

It is a popular option because it convincingly resembles many luxurious flooring materials. There are water-resistant laminates available that you can consider for the kitchen.


  • It resembles ceramic tiles, wooden floors, stone, and more floor coverings.
  • For DIYers this option is installation-friendly.


  • It is not scratch-resistant.
  • Moisture can be an issue.
  • Underlayment & trim can substantially increase the installation costs.
  • Cannot clean with a wet mop.

Ceramic tiles

This type offers more bang for the investment as it has a virtually indestructible surface. It needs proper installation and care to jeep grout lines sealed to avoid dirt trapping.


  • Easy to clean surfaces.
  • Extremely durable…last for a lifetime.
  • Offers an elegant flooring finish and surface.


  • The surface is hard, so can cause fatigue.
  • The surface is cold to your feet.
  • Installation can be complicated.
  • Group joints can trap stains and dirt.
  • Extra material is needed, so the cost can increase.

Cork flooring

Cork flooring offers cushioned underfoot. It is available as snap-together tiles or planks for floating floor installation. It does not need underlayment because there is a built-in underlayment layer in many kinds of cork flooring.


  • Easy installation.
  • Comfortable on your feet.


  • More costly than other given options.
  • Less durable than the ceramic tile option.
  • High heels, pet claws, and sports cleats can damage the surface.

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Francisco Jerde