Periods: Why They Should Be Taken Seriously

Periods have always been thought of as taboo. And because of this, girls and women often suffer in silence regarding their monthly blood. Unfortunately, that has led to false beliefs, like the idea that menstruating will make you weak or unclean. 

So many cultures worldwide still treat periods as something to be hidden instead of something natural and healthy. That’s why we’re debunking some myths about periods and encouraging you to take care of yourself during that time of the month.

It’s not a sign of weakness.

Some people may treat you differently because of your period. This can make you feel ashamed like something is wrong with you. But periods have nothing to do with being weak. They show your body’s strength as it goes through a normal process. They only came with mere pains; you can use PMS anxiety relief to feel good. 

Most girls and women can go on living their lives just fine during their period. But if you’re experiencing pain, you should take steps to treat your period and find relief.

You shouldn’t be ashamed to take care of yourself.

Some people may judge you for taking time off during your period. And you may feel pressured to pretend it’s not happening and push through it. But you should take care of yourself during that time since that will tell you more about your health and way of life. 

You may need to change how you do certain things, like your workout routine. Your body goes through a lot at that time. So you should change your normal routine and find ways to relieve pain and discomfort. If you’re swimming, you may need to change your hygiene practices. You should also be careful about what you eat. 

Eating a healthy diet is important for your whole body, including your reproductive system.

Your period doesn’t make you unclean.

Some people may suggest that menstruation makes you unclean. Remember, periods are normal and healthy. They show that your reproductive system is working correctly. So you shouldn’t feel ashamed or dirty during your period. 

To be clear, menstrual blood is not the same thing as poop. While it comes from your rectum, it’s not feces. Your digestive system and reproductive system are two different things that operate in two different ways. 

But if someone suggests your period is unclean, you can correct them. And if someone pressures you to do something you don’t want to do because of your period, you can stand up for yourself.

Treating cramps doesn’t mean you’re celebrating your period.

Some people may suggest that treating cramps is celebrating your period. But cramps come from an imbalance of reproductive hormones. You may get them during your period or at other times of the month. You can find relief for cramps by taking pain medicine or using other methods to relax your muscles. You may have heard that you shouldn’t take medicine for cramps. But sometimes, cramps can be so painful that you need medicine to relax your muscles. You can also try heat therapy, like a hot water bottle or heating pad. And herbal teas can be soothing, too.


This article shows the importance of caring for your body during your period. If you feel pain, stress, or discomfort, you shouldn’t be afraid to talk to your doctor about treatment options. And if someone tries to make you feel ashamed or unclean, you should stand up for yourself.

Throughout your life, you’ll experience a wide range of bodily changes. These bodily changes are often uncomfortable and can sometimes be painful. However, there are ways to make these changes more manageable. Taking care of yourself during these times means taking steps to reduce pain and discomfort.


Francisco Jerde