Serial Entrepreneur Shu-Li – Giving Back to the People

In a report by Forbes, it was found that over 70% of business owners tend to believe that their companies hold greater responsibility to respond to social issues. Which is why they are relentless in trying to make their business do more than just talk – they want to support brands that have backed their words with actions based on what they care for. 

It has also been noticed that customers who are given the choice of choosing between two brands that provide the same type of service or offer the same products, a majority of consumers tend to purchase from purpose-driven companies. Similarly, these companies are also more likely to be remembered by their customers and will also be recommending these brands to their family and friends. 

Consequently, this has led many businesses to try to offer their consumers with products and services that serve an important purpose as well. And some of the ways they gain a purpose is by starting up companies that give back to the people. 

To show you an example of such an ideal businessman, consider the work done by Shu Li – a highly acclaimed serial entrepreneur who has also taken on the roles of a professor, scientist, and senior corporate executive. Over the course of his professional life, Li has founded multiple enterprises within the healthcare, semiconductor, biomedical sectors. A few examples include the Helio Genomics, Cellular BioMedicine Group, and WA Health Centers. Additionally, he has also served crucial key positions in the Fortune 50 and Fortune 500 companies, including Motorola, Conexant Systems, Intel, and AlliedSignal/Honeywell. 

He started his professional career in 1987 where he joined the Department of Systems Engineering faculty at the University of Arizona and at the same time, partnering up with Dr. Shigeo Shingo, the father of Toyota Production Systems. 

Over the years, he began working on managing the 7×24 operations of one of Intel’s largest semiconductor fabrications facilities in the United States, the Fab6 and soon after, he held the responsibility of leading a research and development pilot production of three semiconductor chip factories in Motorola’s Arizona R&D. 

Since 2002, Li has started his journey on the serial entrepreneurship path and through the Carlyle Group investment, he led a spinoff of Coexant’s captive semiconductor manufacturing operations. 

And that is not all. Li has also been actively participating in the healthcare sector, regenerative medicine, anti-aging medicine, and functional medicine. Li and his wife had founded PingClinic – later named Infinity for Health – a Laguna Beach-based integrative medicine clinic and served to be a prosperous entrepreneurial venture. 

At 47, Li began to commercialize breakthrough medical and biomedical technologies – finding businesses like WA. Health Centers, a high-end medical services provider, operating two medical centers in prime locations in Shanghai and Beijing that later merged in 2015.His other finest establishments include becoming the founder of Cellular BioMedicine Group which serves as a prestigious biopharmaceutical company in CAR-T cancer immunotherapy and stem cell joint regeneration, which became public on NASDAQ in 2014.