Tej Kohli Focussing On Forward-Learning Technology

Mr. Tej Kohli is a man with multiple hats, but in this, he is definitely not a Jack of All Trades, Masters of None. Mr. Kohli, instead, is the master of everything that he touches. It won’t be far-fetched to say that Mr. Kohli is the modern-day Midas, who turns everything into a prosperous venture he undertakes. But Mr. Tej Kohli not only turns things into gold for himself, but he does it for others too, with his real estate investment and advice. He furthers his work with his focus on backing forward-focussing technology that can help create a meaningful social impact.

Additionally, he is an angel investor who works on creating impactful investment ventures that can offer exponential growth opportunities.

As a visionary, Tej Kohli, the entrepreneur, understands how progressive technology can uplift society. According to him, the right investment in both technology and real estate can boost not only the life of the individuals but the entire society.

One of the well-known Kholi Ventures is done by the Rewired Venture Studio. It backs the growth-stage ventures in the field of bionics, robotics, sensors, machine learning, localization, and mapping with a focus on making a profit for the investors while boosting the humanitarian impact.

Mr. Kohli believes in imparting his knowledge and shares it without any qualms. One of the best ways to learn from him is to follow his blogs and articles on real estate. He also owns the Zibel Real Estate portfolio and invests in real estate regularly.

Mr. Tej Kohli regularly writes on issues that are essential to focus on in improving the lives of the people and society. For instance, his article, Forward: Thinking – Investing in the future showcases why it is essential to invest in the places like Gurugram and Berlin in the real-estate sector.

But that’s not all; he also has the Tej Kohli & Ruit Foundation, which is working tirelessly to cure 500,000 people of cataracts in the underserved areas of the developing nations by 2030. As a philanthropist, he is on a mission to cure blindness, end poverty, and help the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal.

Clare Louise