The Grand Unity Is The Place To Buy Your Dream Home

Living in a modern yet affordable condo is a dream for everyone. A real estate development company, Grand Unity, has been established in Thailand for 20 years. They focus on creating luxurious and elegant condominiums with luxurious and elite facilities. They aim at making your living spaces your tiny world instead of just a home. It is believed that the house is where your heart is, and they believe in creating the same for their customers.

A Strategically Located New Project

The new exquisite project is in a prime location, just a minute from the MRT Charan 13. This new project, Charansanitwong 13, is strategically placed near the city for better reach and convenience. As it is located between the Torch junction and the Phra junction by the main road, the residents will not have to go through the alley to travel otherwise. Bringing downtown and urban lifestyles together effortlessly, and makes it worthwhile to live there.

Creating A Balanced Lifestyle

Grand Unity wants to make everything possible for its customers and have a balanced and enjoyable life. The CEILA Charan 13 is one of its kind, surrounded by all the day-to-day necessities. Every amenity and the facilities such as schools, universities, departmental stores, hospitals, etc., are situated just around the corner. With all the grandness and liveliness, work-life balance isn’t a myth but a reality here.

Exquisite Features With A Stylish Look And Feel

This 20-storey residential property fits 360 units with different dimensions and styles, suiting all kinds of people. With the provision of various project amenities, such as

  • Garden Area
  • Double-Heighted Lobby
  • Co-Working Space Facilities
  • Sky Garden For Leisure
  • Sky Swimming-Pool
  • Sky Fitness Center
  • Sauna Rooms
  • Automatic Parking System For Your Vehicles

Elegance At Its Best

A mesmerizing and unobstructed panoramic view of the Bangkok skyline is what this project provides to its customers. Grand Unity has designed the project in such a manner that it is functionally and aesthetically unique in its own right. The lifestyle goal it offers is attractive to the customers, and they grab the opportunity without a second thought.

Overall, it is an inspiring space for you where tranquility meets serenity and keeps your energies intact and balanced for a lifetime.

Brenda Conley