The Perfect Family Holiday Option

The water inspires a deeper connection with our loved ones. Whether the kids are vying for the title of “captain” or the appeal of eye-spy is reignited due to surrounds, boating is fast becoming the new standard in Australian family holidays. A chartered yacht or luxury vessel ensures the best walk on/walk off service so your only job is to enjoy and unwind. Below lists the notable benefits of a holiday on the open water. 

Do It at Your Own Pace
Perhaps the most salient attraction of holidaying on a yacht charter is the pace. You can explore the most isolated beach coves or simply cruise through the calming waves. It’s literally up to you and your family where the next stop is. MV Alfie & Co equip each vessel with a range of amenities to compliment any choice. You may wish to unwind on the daybed, take out the snorkel or even dock the boat and stretch your legs on a small hike. Your schedule can be as planned or unplanned as you wish. 

You’ll Be in the Best of Hands
Our luxury charter guarantees a top-quality captain and crew and who are well versed in the region and its hidden gems. When it’s time to retire for an afternoon nap or devour a scrumptious meal after a day of swimming, you can rely on your own personal chef and hospitality crew to provide you with something delicious. On this type of holiday, your only job is enjoy life on the water and leave the duties to the crew.

Great for Seniors
Another drawcard of a luxury boat holiday is that its age-friendly. This makes for an inclusive experience where an invitation can be extended to the senior members of the family. 

MV Alfie & Co can curate your holiday to ensure the meals are varied and appease a range of dietary requirements. They can also suggest and take the vessel to certain locations and time it with the weather to optimise the overall experience. In this regard, the crew tend to encourage day-trips so a port can be reached safely each day. This provides assurance and comfort to the senior guests.

Great for Kids

Similarly, we have exciting plans for the kids! They can live out their Jack Sparrow and snorkelling fantasies while stopping at child-friendly attractions along the way. They can be on either side of the boat, watching the dolphins and waves as they share the captain’s hat. 

Hiring the G5 V65 Princess combines safety, comfort, and functionality into one luxury vessel. There are plenty of seating and dining options, as well as play areas for the children. 

Disconnect From Your Phone Properly
Chartering a luxury yacht is a great way to experience a holiday without the distractions of social media and the digital world. Although the luxury vessels are fully equipped state of the art sound systems and smartphone connectivity, they are there to serve as a garnish to the wider experience. Separation from land is set to spark adventure in your family and create lasting memories. 

We tailor every experience at MV Alfie & Co to your individual requirements. For families in New South Wales, we provide you with the opportunity to sail across Sydney Harbour & Pittwater.