The Return of the Thursday Night

Thursday night will forever be uni-night in Melbourne. Even though the city offers a variety of entertainment on all other nights, it’s the early weekend release that resonates with university students and club enthusiasts alike. 

Enter Lucky Thursdays- one of Melbourne’s most iconic nightclubs that guarantees their patrons a memorable evening. Between the friendly hospitality, a raft of drink specials and locaal musical talent, booking a booth is a surefire way to fulfil your long-awaited night on the town. 

Nightclubs were amongst some of the most impacted businesses during the coronavirus pandemic. Nightlife icons such as Lucky Thursdays prioritise the safety of their patrons and staff above anything, and as they work within government safety guidelines, they are now open for a well-deserved boogie. Conveniently located in the heart of Melbourne’s central business district, Lucky Thursdays is easily accessible for commuters and prime for walk-ins.

Throwing a famous party requires the right combination of environment, music and hospitality. But throwing one every week is an art form. Lucky Thursdays are renowned for its inclusive and booming dancefloor as well as offering a range of different music and sets from aspiring DJs. Between emerging EDM, R&B classics and some throwbacks for good measure, you’re sure to cut shapes in style. 

Even though the staff are always up for a bit of fun, Lucky Thursdays takes their VIP service seriously. Whether it’s a simple booth or lavishly decked-out room, we are in the business of creating a tailored experience for big occasions. As one of the longest-standing uni-nights in Melbourne, we are experts in hosting birthdays, orientation week and other annual celebrations.

Melbourne’s biggest and best Thursday nightclub is the ideal spot to connect with new people. Given we have spent much of the last two years glued to our phones, Lucky Thursdays are a healthy reminder of the importance of human interaction. Putting the phone down is hard but not when you forget you have one. The electrifying dancefloor, range of personnel and awe-inspiring aesthetics not only nod to the underground nightclub culture you’d expect in Berlin, but place you in a world of meaningful and interpersonal interaction. 

The importance of developing strong social skills as a young adult is crucial and understandably, they’re hard to learn in the online space. Lucky Thursdays not only requires organisation and a fun journey  into town amongst friends but also offers an endless amount of new connections to be made in real-time. The staff are friendly and welcoming of all styles and appeals; making it a safe space for all patrons.

Lucky Thursdays are nothing short of a beacon for enjoyment. There are many nigthclubs in Melbourne but not all can boast such a consistent and glowing reputation week upon week. As Melbournians begin to build momentum in a world without restrictions, the night-out you’ve been waiting for is now waiting for you at Lucky Thursdays.

Lawrence Streeter