Tiling Your Kitchen on a Budget: Here are Some Handy Tips!

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You might be going through a kitchen makeover after a long, and must be eager to give it the best possible look. However, the thought of expenses is also revolving around your mind. If you think that kitchen makeovers are an extremely costly affair for you, then this article is for you. 

Here, we have listed the best ideas to tile your kitchen on a budget, and it is going to be cheaper than you think.

Ceramic tiles are the cheapest

You might be appalled by how quartz, glass, and porcelain tiles look. But they also come with quite hefty price tags. If you want to go and explore the cheapest options, ceramic tiles are the ones. Do not think that they are not a good solution just by checking their price tags. They have great strength and are hardy, and come with the same benefits as porcelain tiles. You just need to take the exact measurement of the area where the tiles will be laid, so you buy just the right number of tiles. Try buying a few extra in case of breakage and damage.

Do not tile the whole lot

With the most lucrative tiles put on display, you might be tempted to buy the whole lot for the entire kitchen. But if you want to do the tiling job on a budget, you can try tiling just the areas above the sink, on the lower halves of each wall, and on the backsplashes behind the sinks or the stoves. You can also mix the expensive and cheaper tiles if you want to cover the entire kitchen or just rely on the expensive ones to create an impact. To create lines and patterns, pick the mosaic tiles. You can mix different colours or various tones of the same shade.

Do not forget the extras

While you have a head full of ideas, do not forget that you will need accessories and equipment to tile the kitchen areas. You must make space for adhesive, grouting, tile cutters, spaces and trims in your budget to stay out of any unexpected financial surprises.

DIY the tiling

If you can tile your kitchen yourself, you will surely be saving a lot of bucks. You can take advice from the tile masters on the effective ways to do the task.

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