Ways to Protect Small Businesses Against Burglaries

While small business owners are always susceptible to burglaries, there are some simple steps they can take to protect themselves. For example, invest in security lighting, installing smart locks, and installing video monitoring. Suppose you’re still unsure about the best ways to protect your business from burglaries; speak to professional advisors. Sometimes, it may be necessary to hire a security guard to patrol the premises.

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Smart locks

Smart locks have become increasingly popular when it comes to ways to protect your small business against burglaries. These devices can connect to your mobile phone and work with smart home hubs. Many models include a fingerprint sensor and a numeric touchpad for granting and denying access. Many models can also be controlled via a smartwatch. Some smart locks can even be programmed to allow temporary access to designated people. Many models can also work with smart video doorbells and cameras to detect visitors and secure your property.

Despite the challenges associated with regular door locks, smart locks can help protect your business from burglaries. A well-built smart lock is much harder to pick than a standard one and requires sophisticated lock-picking techniques—moreover, most intelligent locks time out after multiple incorrect codes. Most also protect credit card information with 128-bit encryption. As a result, smart locks are an excellent investment for small businesses and homeowners alike.

Security lighting

While a well-placed security light may appear unnoticeable, it can significantly reduce the likelihood of intrusion. On the other hand, a poorly arranged lighting system will cause glare and interfere with surveillance systems. The right lighting arrangement depends on the surveillance system and the light source.To prevent break-ins, business owners should install security lights. These lights are often placed in areas out of sight of intruders. Installing motion sensors on these lights will help deter burglars from breaking into a business. Security lights should also be installed in areas not in plain view, such as outside the building. Most burglars attempt to enter a building through a shady area. Also, it is important to use durable lights that will last several years. If possible, choose lighting that has a bulb cage so that it will last longer. You should also be aware that security lights are not foolproof. Hence, you must ensure that you can replace bulbs when necessary.

Video monitoring

Business security cameras can protect employees, merchandise, and property. Video surveillance can catch burglars in the act. Additionally, it can help your business stay out of the news. When you use video monitoring as a way to protect your small business, you can avoid a lot of costly mistakes. You might need to install surveillance cameras on your premises.

Install motion lights in areas where you don’t see much activity. These lights provide additional lighting only when required. They’ll give a fake impression of occupied space when you’re not working. Install bright lights in your building to create an illusion of activity. This may deter burglars and help you receive compensation.

Encrypting company emails

Because email is easy to access and cheap to buy, many cyber actors target it as a way to steal sensitive information. This creates a series of vulnerabilities vulnerable to viruses, ransomware, and data breaches. Those who do not protect their business can face reputational and financial damage from cyberattacks. Business Email Compromise (BEC) is the most common, causing the most economic damage to businesses annually.

Fortunately, many options are available to protect small businesses against data breaches. Email server encryption software uses keys and digital certificates to save emails. Encryption software is available at a low cost from vendors

Security cameras

Using security cameras to prevent burglaries can help you catch thieves. Place them near entrances and exits, cash registers, and remote areas like the garbage area and coolers. You can use intelligent video analytics to recognize unknown entrants. Place cameras outside to watch for license plate numbers. Then, put the cameras in locations where they can get an unobstructed view of the surroundings.

Another way to deter robbers is to install motion lights on your property. When installed in areas with little traffic, they provide light when needed. You can also install intelligent lights to mimic the activity of an occupied structure. This way, the burglars will think twice before attempting to break in. A security camera can also turn on lights when motion is detected, making criminals think twice before breaking into your business.

Ricky Mulhall