What is bada78.com? The Champion Game

Bada78.com is a web-based game where clients construct virtual homesteads, plant crops, raise animals and offer them to guests. It’s unique about comparable games since it’s more similar to genuine than other social cultivating games. There are no objectives to accomplish, no mythical serpents to kill, or missions to finish – just you and your virtual ranch. While other social cultivating games are tied in with getting the clients to burn through cash, bada78 doesn’t zero in on adaptation however on the client experience and guaranteeing that individuals live it up playing the game. It is free with no secret expenses or buys vital for in-game substance. Likewise, no clocks keep clients from getting to the game at whatever point they need, and no irritating notices beseech them for cash. Furthermore, even though it probably won’t be essentially as rewarding as other social cultivating games, we trust that zeroing in on giving a charming gaming experience is substantially more significant than extracting every single penny from our clients.

How to play?

To start playing bada78.com, you will initially have to make a virtual ranch. You can do this by squeezing the “Make” button in the base right corner of the screen. At the point when you do this, a menu will spring up, permitting you to pick the kind of land you need to fabricate your homestead on – prairie, glade, timberland, or desert. You will then be approached to put your ranch’s structures. You can look over different structures, every one of which gives different usefulness. You can likewise put enhancements on your homestead which fill compelling reason need however look decent.

What could be finished in Bada78?

Whenever you’ve constructed your homestead and loaded it with the fundamental structures and improvements, there are a few things you can do. To begin with, you can develop yields and gather them to sell them. Each harvest type has its development cycle, which you can see. At the point when yields are fit to be gathered, a symbol will show up on the structure they are developing. Tapping on this symbol will take you to the collecting menu, where you can gather the yields and store them in your storehouses. You can likewise raise animals on your homestead. You can pick pigs, chickens, sheep, cows, and ponies. You should construct a horse shelter and an enclosure to raise domesticated animals. From that point forward, you can add domesticated animals to your homestead by tapping on the structure and choosing the animals you need to raise.

Raising Livestock

At the point when you raise domesticated animals, you should give them food. You can do this by establishing grass or root vegetables in a field. You can likewise furnish them with water by building a lake. You can likewise sell the eggs laid by chickens or the milk delivered by cows.


Farming is an element that was added in the “Wilderness” update. It permits clients to raise different types of wild animals on their ranches. You can choose what animals you need to raise by tapping on the farming structure on your ranch and picking the ideal species. Whenever you’ve added animals to your farm, you should furnish them with food. You can do this by establishing grass or root vegetables. You will likewise have to set up a wall to contain your creatures. You can do this by tapping on the structure where you need to put the wall and choosing the “Wall” choice. Farming is more costly than raising domesticated animals. The creatures should be taken care of, and the walls should be kept up with. In any case, farming is additionally more productive because you can offer the actual animals by sending them to your companions or placing them available to be purchased on the lookout.


As of now, you ought to have a very smart thought of what bada78 is and what it involves. This game is exceptional and dissimilar to whatever else out there. It is an extremely easygoing and chill game that is best played when you have spare energy to kill. It is allowed to play, so there is no mischief in checking it out! We trust you’ve delighted in perusing our bada78 survey and that you’ve found another social cultivating game to play. This game is altogether different from other social cultivating games, which we believe is great.

Celine Greenholt