What is The Unsent Project? Origin and history, Usage, and Colour Meanings

What is The Unsent Project

The unsent project is a collection of text messages we wanted to send to our first loves, but they never sent. The website has gained immense popularity since its start in 2015. Around a million text messages have been submitted till now.

While submitting, we need to select a colour where the text should be displayed. This project aims to show how people correlate between colour and emotions and feelings. The messages are not always about relationships. People also use this as a means to post about people who left them, making them sad.

What is The Unsent Project

The unsent project is a unique website in which people write messages in the form of physical collages with colour in the background. The unset message project was meant for their first love of life, not necessarily boyfriend or a girlfriend.

The colour chosen by the submitter helps interpret the colour in which people see love. The colour is used to represent the emotion of the submitter with the message.

Who Discovered The Unsent Project

The unsent project was discovered in 2015 by Rora blue. She is a 20-year-old artist who lives in California. Her work is focused on interactivity. She loves to connect with people and involve others in her artistic journey. Her work revolves around colour, which is her way of communicating with the audience. She wants people to see her work as an outlet of expression for everyone who needs it.

What is The Actual Idea Behind Starting The Unsent Project

Rora Blue wanted to share her experience concerning her first love. She also wanted to connect with different people and know their experiences with first love. She made this website to make people worldwide know that everyone experiences some sad feelings in their life. She created a website for people to know the colour in which they see love.

How to Search Name On The Unsent Project

  1. You need to search for the unsent project on the web page and open it.
  2. We need to enter the name in the unsent project search name bar and then click the filter.
  3. You need to adjust your preferences in the filter bar.
  4. Wait for the result after clicking on update.
  5. The result will be displayed on the page, and you can check it.

Can We Delete From The Unsent Project

We cannot delete any message after uploading it once in the unsent project.

What Do the Colours Mean on The Unsent Project

What Do the Colours Mean on The Unsent Project 

In terms of Rora, blue colours denote a specific emotion on the platform. There are 11 colours present on the unset messages project, each having a particular meaning.

  1. Pink: pink denotes that you tried your all but still fell short.
  2. White: It means you are missing someone, and you wish that they remain their previous self.
  3. Brown: It represents different feelings that are not strong. In this case, the behaviour of the person changes without reason.
  4. Gray: It shows pain which has understanding.
  5. Orange: The message represents pain in humour.
  6. Yellow: It shows the message is positive. The message in this category can lift your mood.
  7. Black: It shows a feeling of darkness that has come because of somebody.
  8. Blue: The most important colour used on the website represents Love, according to most people.
  9. Green: represents sad nature but also gives hope to people.
  10. Purple: a colour that depicts both pain and happiness. It can sometimes encourage others and sometimes increase the pain.
  11. Red: It depicts various emotions, from love to gratitude. It shows that messages can be both encouraging and painful.

Similar Websites Like The Unsent Project

A few more websites use a similar type of concept as in the unsent project. A few available are listed below:

  1. After the Beep: A similar web page created by the same person Rora Blue. It uses voicemails instead of texts to communicate between the users.
  2. Space Email:  In this platform, there is indirect communication. The users here type their messages directly on the web page.

What Are The Thoughts of Rora Blue Regarding The Unsent Project

Rora Blue thoughts on unseen project

According to Rora blue, the beauty of this website lies in the fact that there are many people out there who get comfort from reading your message. It acts as a reminder for people that every individual goes through pain, and it is universal for all.

It is ok to be sad after someone leaves you. It conveys that if you are hurt, it doesn’t mean that you will be sad all the time. With time everything changes. A section of the website enables us to compare two messages, making it look like a conversation.

It acts like someone from somewhere is replying to you. The website reminds people that people love one another worldwide, and there will be someone who will love you someday.

How People Are Using The Unsent Project

People are using the website as a medium to write the message and remove a burden from their hearts. Sometimes the unsent project is not working due to a lot of traffic on the website, which shows its popularity among people.

It often comes with positive responses with different people reading a message and relating to it. The unsent project gives a message that even if we cannot delete the text, even if we want the same emotions, it can’t be deleted even if we wish to.

Celine Greenholt