What Should You Tell Your Barber Before They Begin To Cut Your Hair? 

So, you live in Park Slope. You have located the perfect Barber in Park Slope for yourself. However, only finding a good Barbershop is not enough. Your Barber must understand your expectations and what you want from him before they start to cut your hair. A few simple details can play a crucial role in making sure that you get the perfect haircut. Most of the time, your hairdresser will inquire about these details. However, if the hairdresser misses out on asking by chance, you should be proactive and tell them. 

How long has it been since your latest professional haircut? Stylists understand how hair develops. Let your hairstylist know how long has it been since the last trim so they can understand how your hair looked right after your cut. From here on, you can tell the Barber that you want the same hairstyle as before or how you want it to be different. Furthermore, do not stress about it. Most individuals’ hair develops at different rates. 

Talk to your Barbershop in Park Slope about your lifestyle. Your hairdresser needs to know about you to have a cut that you will cherish. Tell your hairstyle where you work, what you do for entertainment, how you manage your hair, how many hair products you use regularly, and whatever other information you may think can help. These factors will help your hairstylist decide on a cut that will flawlessly fit into your lifestyle and mirror your personality at the same time. 

Be extremely specific regarding how you want your hair to look. Even though this may seem silly, do not ignore this tip. Stylists are specialists in haircuts. However, you cannot expect them to understand what you tell them and give them precise instructions. Use your hands to explain how you want the hair to look once it has been styled. 

If you have, bring a previous image of yours with the haircut that you desire. This will help your Barber understand what you are looking for in the hairstyle and act as a guide. Make sure that you use your picture right after a haircut that you love. Do not take anyone else’s image with the haircut that you want. That won’t help. These tips will help you get the perfect haircut at the Barbershop in Park Slope.

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Ricky Mulhall