When is it Time to Introduce Automated Guided Vehicles to Your Distribution Center

There is really no doubt that online shopping has revolutionized how people shop and how quickly they expect their items to arrive. This need for quick delivery puts increased pressure on distribution centers to function more quickly and efficiently than ever before. So, how can you ensure that your company can compete in today’s fast-paced, high-demand environment? Automated guided vehicle are the answer (AGVs).

While classical forklifts such as pickers, reach trucks, and stackers are incredibly valuable for stock management and carrying large products, having automation systems in place to remove some of the complicated work out of fulfillment is beneficial.

How do you know when an automated guided vehicle system is ready to be used in the DC (distribution centers)? See how these automated devices can help you traverse a warehouse confidently and push your organization to new heights.

Whatever business you’re in, distribution center processes confront some similar difficulties that might hinder or complicate order fulfillment. Among them are the following:

Do you wish to expand your business but don’t have the necessary physical space? Automating your warehouse can provide you with additional floor space, improve the efficiency of your present forklifts, and lower your operational costs.

  • High-Volume Orders — 

Managing high-volume orders on a daily basis might be difficult for your team. Incorporating automation into your business can help you boost productivity, lower operating expenses, and free up the team’s time and energy to focus on more challenging tasks.

  • Staff Can’t Keep Up — 

Cutting-edge material handling technology lessens the human resource needs while instilling a sense of accomplishment in present employees. Automation frees you from having to rely solely on your employees to keep your warehouse running smoothly.

  • High Error Rates – 

Even the most seasoned employees make mistakes from time to time. The more variables your team has to supervise, the more chances for mistakes. Order correctness and compliance can be improved with the use of a cutting-edge automation system.

One sort of automation that can aid in the modernization of warehouse operations and the alleviation of typical distribution center issues. These technologies can be utilized in a wide range of settings and applications, and there are numerous options available:

  • Natural Features Navigation – 

Natural features navigation. Pallet Truck or even Tugger vehicles integrate easily into your current infrastructure by using technology to create a map of your facilities without the use of wire guiding.

  • Wire, RFID, and Tape automated guided vehicles — 

These systems are wire-guided, which means they follow a predetermined path built into or plugged into the facility’s floor.

  • Automated guided vehicles with lasers — 

This technology responds to several fixed sites recognized by lasers, allowing for more flexible integration.

To deliver you advanced technology that addresses any market problem, many companies are coming forward with the latest innovative ideas. To handle such situations faced by the distribution centers, the giant manufacturers are suggesting to use of automated guided vehicles. A viable alternative to traditional material transportation systems. They’re a very quick, low-cost automation option that can help your distribution center reach new heights. They’re frequently used in situations where permanent obstacles, such as robotic structures, are unsuitable, but they’re also tailored to your specific requirements. So, what are you waiting for? Try it today.

Clare Louise