Who wish to become an egg donor?

By using an egg donation programme, you are giving someone a small miracle. The joy of motherhood is the most important thing in every woman’s life, but for some people it is not available. You can become a kind wizard for a couple, allowing them to hear children’s laughter in their home. If you are interested in becoming a donor, you should know that the procedure

It does not affect the course of your life (you are free to continue working or studying);

  • It does not require any special skills;
  • does not take much time (only 5 visits to the clinic and 1-2 injections per day);
  • does not harm your health (statistically, complications occur in 1 case out of thousands)
  • it is guaranteed to be paid (regardless of the IVF results).


Are you still undecided about the procedure? Remember that a simple intervention in your body will help someone to become a parent after years of unsuccessful attempts. In your lifetime, you have untapped potential in your body – more than 400 eggs, each of which could become a child, loved and wanted.

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You can become a donor if you are young (under 35), have a baby of your own and boast good health and no bad habits.


Naturally, you will wonder how safe the donation procedure is. According to experts, the technique is not harmful to a woman’s health if you follow all the requirements of the supervising doctor and take at least 3 months between the procedures. After egg donation you will be able to become a mother again in about six months, when the organism has fully recovered from the intervention and resumes hormonal balance. This process is individual and sometimes takes up to a year.

It is also recommended to undergo the procedure no more than 6 times in a lifetime. Of course, this is an average figure and it depends solely on your health, but doctors recommend protecting your body from such shocks and limiting it to 6 times.

You will receive injections to stimulate the production of eggs. Normally your body produces 1-2 eggs per month, but in order to give your new baby a better chance of being born, you will need a few more shots and therefore more eggs. After the course you will come to the clinic, where your eggs will be retrieved under general anaesthesia. This is a safe procedure, the anaesthetic is only needed for the anaesthetic effect as the needle passes through many layers of tissue. Nevertheless, you will feel completely normal after this simple operation and you can go home after a couple of hours if you want to.

Roderick Correa