Why High School Students Should Wear Varsity Jackets Even If They Don’t Play Sports

While letterman jackets have a certain throwback appeal, they are not necessarily a rite of passage for a high school student. Instead, they are a symbol of pride and a sense of community. But should varsity jackets worn in high schools? Here are a few reasons why they should be. The first is that the letterman jacket has historical significance.

Letterman jackets are a throwback.

While letterman jackets were created for athletes, they’re now a common sight even among high school students who don’t play sports. Athletes put in just as much effort as non-athletes, maintaining good grades and practicing lifts. They also study and condition for the sport. However, for some, wearing a letterman jacket may not be necessary. Instead, a letterman jacket may be a throwback to a simpler time.

Historically, letterman jackets were worn by male athletes, as well as their girlfriends. However, today, the jacket is worn by high school students who don’t participate in any sport, including drama and bands. Although letter recognition for extracurricular activities is great, the jacket should be reserved only for athletes. Instead, a letterman jacket represents academic excellence, not physical strain.

They are a symbol of pride.

Wearing a varsity jacket is a symbol of pride for high schoolers, especially those involved in sports, but not everyone attending that particular school play sports. Wearing a varsity jacket represents athletic accomplishments and commitment. Often, a varsity letter recipient is required to maintain a certain grade-point average and play a sport or two. Most high schools hold a banquet for varsity letter recipients, where parents, coaches, and fellow athletes can show their support. The ceremony is a formal celebration of a high school student’s accomplishment and a reminder of how far he’s come since first receiving his varsity letter.

Wearing a varsity jacket has many advantages for high school students. One of the benefits is the school’s spirit jackets, which are often free to wear. They are also a symbol of pride and school spirit. 

They are a rite of passage.

If you don’t play sports, there’s no need to worry! Varsity jackets can still be a rite of passage in high school, regardless of your sports preference. Varsity jackets have become retro-inspired and popular, with various color combinations and customized patches. The jackets are also popular with hip-hop students. You can add a patch of any shape and color. You can even have a varsity jacket personalized with a favorite Bible verse.

For many people, the varsity jacket represents submissive dependence on males. However, it also represents achievement and societal acceptance. 

They are expensive

High schoolers who don’t play sports should not be required to wear varsity jackets. They are an indication of a student’s achievement and are expensive. Besides, not playing sports will prevent you from earning academic letters. These letters are purple and gold chenille, just like athletic ones. Generally, freshmen do not earn these awards until their second year. To qualify, students must complete two semesters and have an overall grade point average of 94%.

If you are worried about the price of a varsity jacket, consider buying it during your freshman year. Although you might think your child is ready for a varsity jacket, they will rarely wear it after high school. In addition, high schoolers are still growing, so buying a too-big jacket is not a good idea. On the other hand, a large jacket can be comfortable and offer room for growth. However, the cost of varsity jackets is worth it in the long run.


Francisco Jerde