Why Its Always Best To Live Beside The Coast When It Comes To Your Health.

If you think about it for just one moment, you will realise that when you were younger, every time that the sun came out from behind the clouds, your mom and dad loaded up the car and everyone would head off to the beach. It was a constant reminder that we loved to be close to the ocean and if you lived beside a coastal town or city, many people would say that you were indeed blessed and very lucky. The unfortunate thing is that nowadays properties beside the ocean are incredibly expensive and so they are out of the financial reach of most people. There is good news however and it comes in the form of properties available in Thailand.

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Many of us want to live in a town or city that offers excellent shopping facilities and fantastic nightlife as well as providing us with the opportunity to buy a property. If you are currently in the market for such a thing then you need to talk to Coastal Real Estate in Pattaya who have a long list of properties that are currently available and at great discounts. Living beside the ocean offers up many benefits and particularly those that affect our general health.

  • Higher levels of happiness – Just knowing that you’re going to wake up every single morning and be able to smell the ocean here and to see the turquoise water is reason enough to put a smile on anyone’s face. For some reason, a view of the ocean makes us smile and if it is I suppose the fact that we first came from the ocean and onto the land.
  • Lower stress levels – Many of us live high stress lives trying to take care of our families while holding down a full-time job at the same time and our blood pressure is going up and up. Our stress levels are through the roof and so one way to address that it is to start living near the ocean and you will notice almost immediately your body beginning to relax and the negative thoughts leaving your head.
  • More physical activity – The ocean is going to be right there and so it makes perfect sense that you would want to get involved in the many activities that take place on any beach if you live there or if you have guests on their vacation. This means that you will be more physically active during your free time and it provides you with the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with your other family members. There is so much to do like running on the beach, going kayaking, windsurfing and many other different activities.
  • A more active social life – Many people enjoy spending time near the ocean and so there is a high likelihood of meeting like minded people there. This will contribute to a very active social life and you will get to meet many new friends and maybe even friends for life.

It is very easy to see then why buying a property and living beside the ocean is a smart move both financially and for your general health and well-being as well.

Clare Louise