Why You Should Opt for HIFU Treatment

HIFU is an FDA-approved cosmetic procedure that uses ultrasound to create heat deep inside the dermis. Cosmetologists use this method to tighten your skin and help you achieve a youthful appearance. It promotes collagen production, which helps keep your skin supple and elastic. When it comes to treating the early signs of skin aging, HIFU treatment in Sydney is an excellent option. 

What Is HIFU, and How Does It Work? 

Non-invasive HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) therapies regenerate aged skin without surgery. Specifically, it raises saggy skin around the lower jaw, the eyes, and the neckline. Ultrasound radiation is used to penetrate the skin’s outer layer. Stimulating the targeted area warms the skin. This results in tighter and younger-looking skin as the healing process progresses.  

Who Benefits from HIFU Treatment?

Those with mild to moderate skin laxity, between the ages of 30 and 75, who wish to slow down the aging process and look as timeless as Sydney model Natasha Oakley, can most benefit from HIFU treatment in Sydney. Because HIFU’s primary goal is to slow down the aging process, it works best on younger patients. Skin aging can be slowed or even reversed by using this procedure, which is one of the most potent anti-aging treatments available. 

People who have had their skin harmed by sun exposure or have extreme skin laxity require many treatments to attain the desired results. 

HIFU is usually not an option for elderly patients with significant skin laxity who may need to undergo other aesthetic procedures. Individuals with lesions, infections, cystic acne, or metal implants should undergo the procedure only after extensive consultation with relevant medical professionals. 

How Safe is HIFU?

HIFU uses ultrasound, which is safe and successful in clinical tests and the treatment of more than 350,000 patients throughout the world thus far. Because HIFU uses ultrasound and avoids the higher layers of skin where pigment cells are situated, it is safe for all skin types. This is the reason you can consider a HIFU treatment in Sydney for the skin. 

HIFU Effectiveness

According to research, most people who receive HIFU treatment notice positive results in three months or less. Facelift surgery, on the other hand, produces noticeable results in virtually everyone after a year. 

Long-Term Results

The short-term benefits of HIFU outweigh the short-term drawbacks, however. The pace at which freshly synthesized collagen degrades rises with the progression of skin aging. This rationale also applies to procedures for enhancing the appearance of the skin and regenerating it. Major lifting procedures are not advised if the aging effects are not severe. It is based on the skin’s innate ability to regenerate. Wrinkles and skin laxity can only be alleviated by natural protein production. 

Because of this, the body receives no foreign substances, face muscles aren’t paralyzed, and anesthetic, wounds, and stitches aren’t too stressed. A 12-year course of HIFU therapy costs about the same in total as a single lift-related surgery. As a result, HIFU lifting is a more cost-effective alternative to invasive surgery (AUD 7,600 in Sydney), even though the overall average cost of 12 HIFU treatments in Sydney is higher at AUD 1,800.

In Conclusion 

After the primary procedure, there are a few minor procedures to help you get the greatest outcomes. You may also receive post-treatment goods. Attending all your treatment sessions will help minimize any adverse effects. 

It would be best to avoid activities that expose you to extreme temperatures, such as sunbathing, sunless tanning, and more. Avoid drinking alcohol. Most of the fat deposits that are broken down throughout the procedure will be excreted via the liver. For four weeks, consume eight glasses of water daily, eat nutritious food, and engage in mild exercise.

Frank Cook