Your guide to finding your passion

Today, individuals reach a point when they no longer believe that working one job for the rest of their lives is all there is to life. They think they want more out of life and that working in one field is not enough for them. They struggle with, “How can I identify my true passion?” Nonetheless, it is a question that has never been more pressing than it is now. Passion does have to be associated with a single field. You can be passionate about multiple careers in your life. 

The solution is straightforward: passion. If you just have one area of passion, you focus on that. That one item dominates your entire existence. Whatever may happen, you are unable to stop pursuing it. However, if you are equally passionate about 100 things, you will accomplish them without realizing it. Even though you are doing a hundred different things, they will all run smoothly as silk. You will have the impression that the universe is conspiring for you to act as the channel through which everything is done.

On such occasions, one should take inspiration from people like Pramod Rajput. Pramod began his work as a software engineer with the Reliance Group before relocating to Cyprus in 2000. Although working for more than 20 years in global organizations, he concluded that there was something more he wanted to do with his life. So, he pursued numerous career possibilities while maintaining his current occupation as a Software Engineer to discover his passion.

While continuing to work, he decided to return to his college love, composing Urdu and Hindi poetry and focusing on poetry writing. His expertise has been “romance” and other emotions such as happiness, motivation, pain, etc. He started publicizing his poetry on his YouTube account, ‘Kuchh Meri Kalam Se.’ he was also invited to take part in several Hindi/Urdu, Kavi Sammelans, and Mushaira events. Which led him to believe that one must first determine what your passions are before one can pursue them. You will probably have to put in a lot of time and effort to find something that satisfies your interest. 

Below mentioned are a few of his bits of advice on finding and nurturing your passion so you can live a more fulfilled life.

Discover yourself

We all have things that excite and energize us, which we are enthusiastic about. The issue is that we do not notice them. We dismiss our passions because we believe they are not “productive.” Or we are too engrossed in our daily routines to realize the few moments of delight and significance that we do have. So, the first step is to stop and think about it. Set aside an hour and a piece of paper to work on.

Take the next step. 

After establishing your direction, the following stage is to act. We tried so many different activities as kids, that it was easy for us to identify things we enjoyed doing. We were not concerned that it would be a waste of time. We were not thinking about what we would gain out of it. We were not concerned if we would be excellent at it or if we would make a fool of ourselves. All we did was try. We moved on if it did not work – if we did not do it well or did not enjoy it as much as we thought we would.

Consider, calibrate, and repeat.

It is possible that you might not enjoy something as much as you anticipated. Maybe when you give it a shot, you figure it’s not for you. Consider what you did not like about the event and why you did not enjoy it. That means you now better understand what works for you. You will be able to direct your efforts even more precisely. Look for something to do in that new, concentrated direction and get started.

Following your dreams is one of the most fulfilling experiences you will ever have. It makes life worthwhile and aids in discovering one’s real calling. Pramod became the poet he is today due to his decision to pursue his passion for poetry. “AA JEE LEIN ZARA,” a compilation of 100 ghazals and nazms, is his first Hindi book, and it has received favorable reviews since its release in September 2019. As a result, there is no need to squander any more time. Today is the day to find your true passion, and you may do it while acing at another profession! 

Gunnar Mueller